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In 2005 the Austrian Armed Forces celebrated their 50th anniversary. From the very beginning the Forces had to face great challenges, starting with the 1956 Hungarian Uprising when the newly-born "Bundesheer” had to defend Austria’s borders.

But almost at the same time Austria started to get involved in international humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. This commitment has grown into a significant contribution to UN, EU and NATO/PfP-led operations in the last decade.

On the occasion of Austria’s Presidency of the European Union, TRUPPENDIENST International No. 1 is offering an overview of the Austrian contributions to international operations, and of the most important current missions in which her Army is involved.

Brigadier Wolfgang Wosolsobe, Director of the Military Policy Division, depicts the cornerstones of "Austria’s Security and Defence Policy”. Major General Christian Segur-Cabanac, Head of the Joint Command and Control Staff, explains "Austria’s Strategic Objectives for Foreign Missions of her Armed Forces”, while the Commander of the Austrian International Operations Command, Major General Günter Höfler, outlines the topic of "Operational Control of Austrian Armed Forces in International Operations”.

A table shows all deployments of the Austrian Forces since the very beginning. The most important current missions are presented by Colonel Andreas Stupka, COS/UNDOF, Colonel Markus Koller, COS-MNB SW/KFOR, and Colonel Martin Jawurek, COS-MNTF N/EUFOR.

The issue is concluded by a situation report on "15 Years of Border Surveillance” at the Austrian Eastern border by Major Wolfgang Gröbming, PIO of the Provincial Military Command of Burgenland.

Enjoy your reading of TRUPPENDIENST International No. 1!

Col Dr. Joerg Aschenbrenner, editor in chief

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