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Current Missions Abroad of the Austrian Armed Forces

EUFOR "ALTHEA” - European Union Force "ALTHEA"

EUFOR "ALTHEA” is, in essence, the former UN Operation IFOR/SFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that was taken over by the EU as of 2005 and that had already been conducted since FEB 1996. Its mission continues to be the stabilisation of the military aspects of the peace agreement and permanent military presence in order to prevent a renewed threat to peace.

Participation: Transport element AUSLOG from FEB 1996 to 2001 and AUCON since JUN 2004 Strength: 260 service personnel


The Austrian contingent is stationed in southern Kosovo in the German sector as a part of Multinational Brigade Southwest. Its tasks are defined by UN Resolution 1244.

Participation: Since JUN 1999 Strength: 800 service personnel (AUCON 530; SZCON 180; GECON 90)

UNDOF - United Nations Disengagement Observer Force

This operation essentially consists of a group of observers supervising the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian troops on the Golan Heights.

Participation: Since MAY 1974 Strength: 470 service personnel (375 Austrian and 95 Slovak troops)

AFDRU - Pakistan (Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit)

The Mission started on 13 OCT 2005. It is the job of the Austrian soldiers to supply the people in the area of Muzaffarabad in the North-East of Pakistan (province Cashmere)with drinking water, who are hard hit by a disastrous earthquake. The drinking water is produced by means of a water treatment system owned by the Austrian Armed Forces.

Strength: 65 service personnel

ISAF - International Security Assistance Force

The Mission started in JAN 2002. Its task is to ensure law and order in Afghanistan. Austria sent troops right from the beginning of the operation, and the soldiers stayed there until 11 DEC 2002. After that date some Austrian staff officers remained in the headquarters of the Kabul Multinational Brigade. Since the beginning of APR 2004, after an interruption of several months, Austrian staff officers have again been serving there. Moreover, from the beginning of AUG until the end of OCT, AUCON 3/ISAF with a strength of 85 service personnel were deployed in the provinces of Kunduz, Takhar, and Badakshan in the Northern part of Afghanistan in order to maintain law and order during the general elections.

Current strength: 4 service personnel in the headquarters of the Kabul Multinational Brigade.

UNFICYP - United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus

The operation was initiated in APR 1964. Its mission is to make sure peace is maintained between the Turkish and the Greek populations of Cyprus.

Participation: Since MAR 1972; the Austrian contingent’s participation ended on 18 JUN 2001.

Strength: 4 service personnel in the HQ

UNOMIG - United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia

The operation was initiated in AUG 1993. Its mission is to supervise the truce agreed on between Georgia and Abkhazia and to report any violations. In addition, UNOMIG supervises the withdrawal of heavy equipment from the demilitarised zone.

Participation: Since 1994 Strength: 2 military observers

UNAMA - United Nations Assistance Mission Afghanistan

The operation was started in 2002. Its mission is to coordinate and integrate all UN activities (in particular in the fields of national reconciliation and humanitarian aid) in Afghanistan.

Participation: Since 2004 Strength: 2 experts (military advisers) in HQ ISAF in Kabul

AMM - European Monitoring Mission in Aceh

The Mission started in October 2005. It is to monitor the demobilization and disarmament of the Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (Movement Free Aceh), to surveill the partial withdrawal of the Indonesian armed forces, and to observe of the human rights situation prevailing there.

Participation: Since the beginning of the operation Strength: 1 military observer

UNMEE - United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea

The operation was initiated in SEP 2000. Its mission is to verify the truce agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea, maintain contact with both conflict parties, prepare the employment of the Military Coordination Commission, and plan a future peacekeeping operation.

Participation: Since SEP 2000 Strength: 3 military observers

AMIS II - African Union Mission in Sudan II

The Mission started in 2004. The Mission is to monitor the ceasefire between the conflicting parties in the Sudan region of Darfur.

Austrian participation: since March 2005 Strength: 1 soldier, with duty station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

UNMIS - United Nations Mission in Sudan

The Mission started in March 2005. The Mission is to support the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, to facilitate and coordinate the return of refugees and displaced persons, and to assist the parties in demining activities.

Austrian participation: since March 2005.

Strength: 3 soldiers in Headquarters UNMIS.

UNTSO - United Nations Truce Supervision Organization

The operation was started on 11 JUN 1948. Its mission is to support UN peacekeeping forces in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.

Participation: Since JUN 1967 Strength: 6 military observers

MINURSO - United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara

The operation was started in APR 1991. Its mission is to supervise the truce in Western Sahara between the Frente Polisario and the Moroccan forces stationed in the region.

Participation: Since APR 1991 Strength: 2 military observers

EUMM - European Union Monitoring Mission

The operation was started in JUL 1991. Its mission is to help develop a long-term and peaceful solution to all conflicts in former Yugoslavia.

Participation: Since MAR 1995 Strength: 5 military observers

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