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English Summary

The Paramilitary Units of the First Republic

Between the World Wars, many smaller paramilitary units were established, most of which disbanded themselves, were prohibited, or merged with other organisations after a few years.

Military Policy: Foreign Positioning of the EU

The Forgotten Army (II)

A review of the tasking, strength and structure of the National People’s Army of the GDR shows its offensive positioning within the framework of the Warsaw Pact.

The 12 Prioritised Capabilities of the Common Security and Defence Policy

For the time being, the EU Military Committee and the European Defence Agency developed some 100 operational capabilities within the Capability Development Plan, of which 12 prioritised capabilities were selected.

Iron Deficiency

Evaluation of Austria’s Stand-by Forces for First Missions

The evaluation of the Austrian soldiers and other forces for interantional operations/Stand-by Forces for First Missions, which are earmarked for the EU Battle Groups, is done in accordance with the Operational Capabilities Concept Evaluation and Feedback Programme.

Focus: The 14th Tank Battalion - The Mechanised Unit in the 21st Century

14th Tank Battalion

The Tank Battalion is the mobile, powerful and armoured core element of the 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade.

Operations Preparations under Changed Preconditions KFOR Force Reduction

The 14th Tank Battalion was responsible for the preparation, the training and the formation of the 22nd Austrian KFOR contingent (AUCON22/KFOR).

Corporate Identity Process in the 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade

A corporate identity process offers all soldiers of a brigade-size unit the opportunity to deal intensively and consciously with their own identity.

Information Security in the AAF

The homepage on information security on the World Wide Web.

Psychology: A Friend in Need or a Combatant? The soldier’s self image in peace support operations

Psychology in Operations - The NATO Workgroup

The role of commanders with regard to the operational readiness of their soldiers and the effects of stress factors and strain on the unit.

Military Museums: The Bunker Museum Wurzenpass, Austria

The Austrian Armed Forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina - From the Conflict in Former Yugoslavia to the Operation EUFOR "Althea"

After implementing (IFOR) and stabilising (SFOR) the provisions of the Dayton Agreement under NATO command, the European Union now provides security in the country through operation EUFOR "Althea", currently under Austrian command.

From Kongo to Chad

The documentary of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) on the international operations of the Austrian Armed Forces from 1960 to 2010.

11 Years Combat-Ready

One of four alternate command posts of the former GDR’s National People’s Army, among the best-kept secrets in the GDR, is located in the heath Dübener Heide.


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