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English Summary

Switzerland Introduces Army XXI

The 220,000-strong Army XXI, based on neutrality, militia, and universal conscription, will improve training, make more funds available for equipment and armament, increase the mobility, and make military service, civilian job, and family life more compatible.

Recruiting and Selecting Personnel - The Swedish Approach

In order to reach young people, Swedish recruiters deliberately use the language of their target group. Peers and subordinates assist in the selection, and courses are offered only to those who are likely to pass them.

ARTEMIS - The EU-led Mission in the Congo

In its first independent operation Europe has demonstrated its ability to successfully conduct peace enforcement operations worldwide. Also Austria has contributed to this mission.

Disorders of the Lipometabolism - What Can You Do?

The main cause for heightened cholesterol and triglyceride levels with young people - including conscripts - are bad living and eating habits, particularly overeating.

The New Structure of Finland’s Peace Support Operations

The Ministry of Defence together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the decisionmaking in defence policy.

Current Events: Israel - Without an Acceptable Compromise, the Violence Will Continue

Despite the Iraq War, the war between Muslims and Jews in Israel and the Occupied Territories continues with undiminished force.

Clash of Cultures in the Biedermeier Period (III)

The landing expedition has been launched: Carolina, Veneto, and Adria are tasked with successively getting the Raketeur Corps, the infantry onboard the ships, and the sailor corps on land, (...) advance towards the two corsairs, and set them on fire with rockets ... That was the order.

Going International: A European Constitution or a Europe of Different Speeds From a Defence-Political Perspective

Austria should not rush into siding with a fasttrack Europe, whose supporters must be prepared for new and more heated discussions on security policy and mutual assistance guarantees.

General Erwin Fussenegger (1908 -1986): The First Inspector General of the Austrian Armed Forces of the Second Republic

Erwin Fussenegger’s stance on officers - including the Inspector General of the Armed Forces - not getting into party politics has its roots in the innerpolitically turbulent and woeful years after 1934.

Roland I - Combat Firing Practice of the (Austrian) Air Defence Corps

In the biggest air target firing exercise of the Air Defence Corps so far, in Ustka, Poland, the Austrian Air Defence Forces were tested as to their capabilities to conduct international missions.

Officers and Political Education

Hundreds of career soldiers provide information to Austrian school children. Though they cannot make up for the information deficit of years, they can counter prevalent prejudices. In addition, they can be used within the forces for teaching defence policy.

From the Forces: The Austrian Armed Forces’ Border Protection Assistance Operation - Pros and Cons

The AAF’s assistance to the police in protecting Austrian borders often entails that there is not time enough to adequately train the troops. Nevertheless, this assistance has its benefits.

Artillery in Conjunction With Reconnaissance Assets (I)

In times of asymmetric threats and increasing fluidity of combat, the modern artillery relies on farreaching reconnaissance and utmost precision.


Platoon leaders are challenged during each and every phase of an advance. Thus, thinking and flexibility are a must.

The Person Comes First: Aviation Psychology Within the Austrian Armed Forces

One of the most important tasks of aviation psychology is the selection of military pilots by means of psychological testing. In addition, aviation psychologists offer mental and other types of training.

The Slovenian Armed Forces (I) - Peace Support Operations

Since 1997 the Slovenian Armed Forces have participated in peace support operations under the mandate of various international organisations.

Commentary - Adult-Suitable Training in the Austrian Armed Forces

Adultsuitable training is a demand on, both the training institutions of the AAF and the trainees.


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