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English Summary

Mine Protection for Vehicles

Mines are a lethal threat - also in the current areas of international deployment of the Austrian Armed Forces. Therefore, the passengers of such vehicles must be protected effectively from the effects of mines.

Tanks Against Press?

During the bombing of Hotel Palestine in Baghdad on 8. April 2003 (during Gulf War III) by U.S. tanks a number of journalists were killed.

Current Affairs: Post-War Iraq

After the end of a war many things appear different than they did before. Serious mistakes were made - now the UN and the West are challenged to ensure freedom and human rights in a liberated country.

The Slovenian Air Force and Slovenia’s NATO Accession in 2004

The Slovenian Air Force expects a modernization of its infrastructure and air fleet as part of the NATO accession process.

Background of the Middle-East Conflict (II)

This contribution is a chronological presentation of the historic data of the common Israeli-Palestinian history.

OCC and A&F: More than Just an Abbreviation?

The first "Land Forces Self-Assessment" within the "Operational Capabilities Concept Assessment and Feedback" (OCC A&F) framework was held in March 2004 under the presidency of the Austrian International Operations Command.

Object Security in the Air Force

The current potential threats come without advance notice. This also applies to the Air Force. The M.S.O.K. helps to clarify security-related questions.

Aerospace Physiological Officer - Training in the German Luftwaffe

Training for Austrian pilots. The APO must be part of it.

Going International: Challenges for the Austrian Armed Forces after the Reform Commission Completed Its Work

The "Going International" column explains some of the major defense-political recommendations made by the Austrian Forces Reform Commission.

Across All Barriers

Military language training must be adapted to the political situation. The long-term goal is the acquisition of a second foreign language.

Engineers in Disaster Relief Operations - What They Can Do and What They Need

Engineers can contribute a lot to disaster relief. However, better equipment is needed in order to be better able to meet future demands.

Communications in Disaster Relief Operations

The smooth functioning of communication is vital for civil-military co-operation.

From the Forces: Is Our Training Up-to-date?

The Reform Commission’s report also calls for adult-adequate training What is adult-adequate training and to what extent is it applied in the Austrian Armed Forces?

Career Advancement Scheme in the Slovenian Armed Forces

Slovenia’s NATO accession and the reform of its public administration sector also required the adaptation of the career advancement system within the SAF to well-proven international training structures.

The Assessment-Center 2003 at Austria’s Theresan Military Academy

In addition to the selection process, officer candidates are tested as to their aptitude for the officer’s trade at the Military Academy’s Assessment-Center.

Tactical Lessons Learned from Operation "IRAQI FREEDOM"

The employment of the attack helicopter AH-64D Apache Longbow in the war against Saddam Hussein.

The Person Comes first: Mediation and Armed Forces - A Contradiction in Itself?

By the end of 2004 the Austrian Armed Forces will have 18 mediators at their disposal. Will the management take advantage of this opportunity?

Exercise JOINT REPULSE 02 - The Importance of Comparisons

Solid debriefing is the essential element in quality improvement. Only the comparison of wartime operational experiences or peacetime exercise experiences with the existing regulations and manuals make reliable assessment possible.

Malicious Code (III)

Security measures: Security strategies, concrete individual measures for downloading, and the acceptance of security precautions as continuous process in the field of information and communication technology.


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