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Partnership for Peace and the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF)

For ten years Austria has been participating in the NATO PfP program. This enables the AAF to cooperate on a practical level with 46 partner nations.

The Armaments Industry of the Czech Republic

This traditional branch of industry mainly dates back to the period between WW I and WW II and boomed in the Warsaw Pact period.However, due to the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, following privatization efforts, and the split-up of the country in 1993 the armaments industry lost in importance.

Current Affairs - Palestina: Is there justified hope?

The world seems to be nourishing new hopes for a Middle East peace. However, Israeli as well as Palestinian hardliners and extremists still exercise a lot of influence.

Civilians in Peace Support Operations - Training Is to Ensure Field Readiness

International peace support operations do not necessarily have to be dangerous but sure can. Also civil personnel should know how to be safe in the field.

Configuration Variants of Helicopter AB.212

Though designed as a civil liaison helicopter, the Agusta Bell AB.212 is used for a variety of tasks in the Austrian Armed Forces.

Going International: International Military Relations - Review and Preview

The international relations of the Austrian Armed Forces will be markeded by Operation ALTHEA, the future participation in EU Battle Groups, and the Austrian EU presidency during the first half of 2006.

NATO PfP Exercise "COOPERATIVE BEST EFFORT 2004" - Training benefit for the Austrian Armed Forces despite cancellation

Although the Exercise ”COOPERATIVE BEST EFFORT 2004” was cancelled the very last minute, the Austrian contingent gained valuable experience and knowledge.

Modification of the Assault Rifle "StG 77"

After a 26-year utilization period the Steyr-made assault rifle "StG 77" is being brought up to the latest safety standards, to improve the rifleman's safety and prevent unintended fire.

Transport Protection - Experiences made in the limited area action "SCHUTZ 2004"

MFOR transports are a prerequisite for accomplishing EU operations. For that, available mobile forces of the Styria Provincial Military Command were employed in the limited area action "SCHUTZ 2004".

From the Forces: Five Years of AUCON/KFOR - The Situation Is Quiet But Not Stable

The conflict and violence potential is still high in Kosovo. Therefore, soldiers and commanders have to work on the premise of worst case scenarios even when they carry out routine tasks.

International "Jungle Patrol Course" in Belize

Six members of the Austrian Armed Forces participated in a 30-day jungle combat training in Belize.

Hand Map

The hand map is to be usable for both mounted and dismounted combat.

The Person Comes First: Crisis Management and Military Psychology

When abuses of national servicemen at Freistadt (Upper Austria) were reported, military psychologists ran a telephone hotline and assisted victims. However, a military psychological operation of this extent would certainly not suffice in other crisis scenarios.

The New Command and Control Regulations of the Austrian Armed Forces (I)

For decades the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) had no or outdated regulations. Now they are going a new way: adapting already existing German Bundeswehr regulations.

"New" Equipment

U.S. Army planners are fielding three new program additions to the war fighter’s equipment inventory.

Training Philosophy

A principle document for training concept planning in the Austrian Armed Forces is to ensure that training and training support remain based on up-to-date training principles.


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