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English Summary

The European Union Military Staff on its Way Ahead

The European Union Military Staff (EUMS) performs early warning, strategic planning, and situation assessment.

Professor Thomanek and the Development of the Precision Hollow-Charge

Already before World War II an Austrian developed a portable hollow-charge anti-tank weapon, and after World War II what came to be known as the Schrobenhauser precision hollow-charge.


The international transformation process directly affects force development of all European states.

International Affairs: Struggling for withdrawal from Iraq.

Cook & Chill (II)

This article deals with the troop kitchen’s new type of food in everyday service, during exercises and in an operation.

"Bomb Job": Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Training in the Austrian Armed Forces

Since 1979 ammunitions experts have been trained at the Austrian Armed Forces Logistics School. Training is continuously adjusted for international operations.

The Operation of Helicopters on Airstrips

The construction and operation of airstrips makes particular demands on personnel and equipment with regard to infrastructure, the concealment of aircraft and protection from enemy fire.

Focus: Acting commander - command function limited in time.

Motivation/Battle Value

Time and again the question is asked why and for what soldiers fight. The answer is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Many pieces are known, while others are difficult to grasp.

Assistance Operation in Support of the Police - Training for the Future

Since 2003, staff NCO training at the Austrian NCO Academy includes cooperation with non-military organisations within the framework of assistance operations in support of the police.

Situation CLEVER FOX (III)

This map exercise deals with a reinforced tank battalion in a mobile defence situation.

Military Policy: Austrian Armed Forces international - EU Council-presidency and beyond.

Reinforcement Kosovo 2004 - When Speed Becomes the Criterion

In March 2004 the Kosovo was ravaged by the worst unrests since the end of the war in 1999. Also Austria sent military reinforcements.

Negotiation Competence

In conflict scenarios a commanding officer who is a master of matter-related negotiation has an additional instrument of crisis resolution at his disposal.

Psychology: Leading people in an international operation.

EUFOR - Althea - Task Force North under Austrian Command

By taking on the role of a framework nation, Austria has to consider a multitude of additional aspects, particularly legal and financial ones.

Task Force DULJE: Infrastructure - An Important Criterion in an International Operation

In an international operation soldiers are faced with particular demands regarding infrastructure. Without a working infrastructure mission accomplishment and the force’s sustainability are in jeopardy.

Camp Service Support Platoon

This platoon of the Task Force DULJE ensured that the camp had a working infrastructure.


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