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Helping Pakistan: Armed Forces Sent in Specialists

07 December 2005 - 

In response to the fatal earthquake in Asia of October 8, the Austrian Armed Forces sent an AFDRU delegation to the strongly affected Pakistan. The catastrophe relief unit departed from Vienna's Schwechat Airport bound for Islamabad, the Pakistani capital on October 14, 2005. On 17th October they had reached their final point of destination, the heavily destroyed northern city of Muzaraffabad.

During their mission, the soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces kept four water purification plants in operation for 47 days, thereby supplying a population of 40,000 with a total of 4,876,270 litres of drinking water at a daily rate of 100,000 litres. Apart from this, the Austrians assisted local authorities still struggling to restore the infrastructure.

Upon their return, all participants were given an honorary reception by the Minister of Defence, Günther Platter, who personally bestowed the service medals on the soldiers. The delegation was especially honoured by the presence of the Military Attaché of Pakistan, Brigadier General Iqbal Shaukat, who, on behalf of his people, expressed his gratitude for the rapid assistance provided.

Austrian soldiers supplied victims of the earthquake with drinking water. (Image opens in new window)

Austrian soldiers supplied victims of the earthquake with drinking water.

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