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Wide-Ranging Restructuring Package for the Austrian Armed Forces

03 October 2014 - 

Austria's Minister of Defence and Sports Gerald Klug presented a wide-ranging restructuring package for the Armed Forces. These cuts became necessary to enable the service to cope with new spending cuts. The "Structural package 2018" will help save EUR200 million a year, the Minister explained.

Capable to Fulfil Propable Tasks

Future emphasis will be put on infantry, special operations forces, engineer tasks and NBC expertise. At the same time the army will remain capable to fulfil certain propable tasks. Not affected are Austria's missions abroad, capabilities to render domestic assistance, cyber defence efforts and the ongoing reform of the compulsory military service.

Reduced Inventory

As a further result of this restructuring, a large number of the army's inventory will be retired, including: 106 of 136 M-109A5 self-propelled howitzers, 25 of 59 "Leopard" 2A4 main battle tanks, armoured recovery vehicles, anti-tank guided weapons and mortars. A core of heavy weapons systems will be retained in order to preserve institutional knowledge should the security situation change.

Minister Klug and General Commenda presented the restructuring package. (Image opens in new window)

Minister Klug and General Commenda presented the restructuring package.

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