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Land Forces Receive New Armoured Personnel Carriers

04 June 2018 - 

In Vienna, new armoured personnel carriers for the Austrian Armed Forces were presented by the Minister of Defence Mario Kunasek. "The protection of soldiers will continue to be an essential part of our investments in the future. Especially in missions abroad, our soldiers are exposed to many dangers, so it is important to me to continue investing in protected mobility," said the minister.

3 Families of Vehicles

The new fleet consists of three families of vehicles:

  • The "Pandur Evolution" is the newest version of Austria's armoured personnel carrier. The vehicle has a more powerful engine, increased mine protection, more interior space, a nuclear, biological and chemical protection system, and more capable electronics.
  • The new "Dingo" 2 reconnaissance vehicles will be delivered starting in September at a rate of four vehicles a month. The "Dingo" 2 has an remote weapon station with a machine gun, laser rangefinder, and thermal imaging device.
  • Hägglund's BvS10 Mk IIB AUT vehicles will support the soldiers of the mountain troops. The Bvs10 is a dual body, amphibious vehicle with well-proven technology that is designed to provide total operational support where other vehicles cannot.
The vehicles were presented in the courtyard of the Ministry of Defence. (Image opens in new window)

The vehicles were presented in the courtyard of the Ministry of Defence.

Ministry of Defence | Rossauer Laende 1, 1090 Vienna
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