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Coronavirus: Austrian Armed Forces Increase Their Operation

18 March 2020 - 

All over Austria the Austrian Armed Forces are helping to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus. Hundreds of soldiers and civilian employees are participating in this operation in all parts of Austria.

New measures

On Wednesday the Federal Government enacted additional measures:

  • Beginning in May, up to 3,000 ready reserve soldiers are going to replace those soldiers that are currently deployed.
  • Of the deployed troops, 50% will be ready reserve soldiers, 25% will be professional soldiers, and 25% will be national servicemen.
  • Assistance continues to be provided in all parts of Austria.

Providing security for the population

In order to combat the coronavirus, this assistance operation aims to ensure the precautionary protection of legally protected rights and interests as well as the protection of constitutional institutions and their ability to act, the protection of representatives of other states, international organisations and other subjects of international law, and the protection of critical infrastructure.

Legal basis

The legal basis of this operation is provided by the Defence Act, and the Law Enforcement Act. The initial duration of the assistance operation is three months commencing upon enactment by the Federal Government.

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