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Armaments and Defence Technology Agency

The Armaments and Defence Technology Agency is the technological centre of competence of the Federal Ministry of Defence in different sectors.

Weapons & munitions technology sector

Arms during a cold test. Arms during a cold test.

Weapons and missile technology division

Engineering technology which contains consulting in general and military technology, system and process technology, applied research and development.

Munitions technology division

Technical matters of munitions, ballistics, warfare material, safety engineering of munitions and shooting; appropriation of munitions for testing and trials.

Explosives, material & POL-technology division

Analysis and evaluation of chemical, mechanical, physical and safety technical characteristics of explosives, pyrotechnics, petroleum, oil and lubricants, surfaces and coatings.

Automotive & engineer technology sector

Automotive & equipment technology division

Technical matters of single- and multi-lane vehicles with and without a motor drive for the use on road and terrain, knowledge of automobile technology of armoured combat and fighting vehicles and execution of attempts and testings on vehicles.

Engineer technology division

An assault and shallow water boat. An assault and shallow water boat advances on the river Danube.

Matters of technique of bridge building, steel building statics and building mechanics; technical matters of means of transport for engineer bridging equipment and fire behaviour of building material and components; technical matters of shipbuilding technology and military vessels.

NBC & environmental protection technology division

Technical matters of NBC defence and ecology; detection and identification of nuclear, biological or chemical warfare agents and also civilian harmful substances; execution of sampling Austria-wide and mobile NBC researches; involvement in international research projects.

Electrical engineering & optronics sector

Electrical engineering division

Observation and reconnaissance system on a GMF Husar. Observation and reconnaissance system on a GMF "Husar".

Attend to electrical and electronic devices, medical-technical system and whose application in armament zone; matters of medical radiation security, electrical energy supply and electromagnetic compatibility.

Simulation and training systems technology division

Technical matters of simulators, duel simulations, education machines and grounds; technical matters of equipment for shooting range inclusive electrotechnical safety.

Optronics and physical metrology division

Deal with technical matters of optical averages of objectives, indicatory and elucidation and the general physical metrology.

Central technical product documentation sector

Indexing & codification of material division

Capture and manage basic claims data of materials that allowed clearly classification, identification and nomination of supply items so they can allocate supply numbers; data are the basis for effective and efficient logistics management.

Central construction division

Creation of construct plans in a two and three dimensional representation is the base for adaption or rebuilding and education of devices.

Technical specifications division

Creation of timely, configuration status appropriate and correct technical documentation for the military user.

Personnel and materials management

Head office

Perception of central tasks in management, coordination, support, cross-sectional and safety; issues of appropriation of personal and material resources for the indemnification of task fulfilment of the department.

Apprenticeship training

The divisions of the ADTA educate in each dedicated task area apprentices in technical as well as untechnical teaching professions:

  • Material technician,
  • Chemical laboratory assistant,
  • Automotive engineering,
  • Metalworker,
  • Electronic technician,
  • IT technician,
  • Administrative assistant,
  • Weapons' mechanic,
  • Technical designer.

For more information and vacant training places visit lehrlinge.bundesheer.at.


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