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Austrian Armed Forces International Centre (AUTINT)

International training area The international training area is available upon request to National and International units.

Since 1960, the Austrian Armed Forces have gained 45 years of experience in crisis response operations, peace support operations, and peace operations with a participation of more than 70,000 Austrian troops in numerous missions all over the world. Austrian peacekeepers participate in missions after having undergone the specific training required for them.

The Austrian Armed Forces' main focus within enhanced Partnership for Peace is the achievement of interoperability, primarily for crisis response operations. The Austrian Armed Forces have long-term experience within multinational forces on battalion-level. They participate in international NATO-, UN-, EU-, and OSCE- led operations.

Main Tasks

AAF Training By interconnection of the training areas in Bruckneudorf (combat in built-up areas) and Götzendorf by a tank corridor, execution of training courses up to battalion level is assured.

The Austrian Armed Forces International Centre are the Austrian Partnership for Peace Training Centre. This includes:

  • Conducting crisis response operations training with international participation and specific training assistance,
  • conducting major parts of mission-specific crisis response operations training and preparation "pre-deployment training", including key- personnel,
  • administrating aptitude testing and deployment as well as acting as rotation centre for crisis response operations,
  • implementating crisis response operations specific personnel, national logistics and resupply as well as recreation and welfare.


  • Location: close to Austria's capital Vienna and its international airport,
  • capacity: Accommodation for up to 1,100 troops,
  • peace support operations training area,
  • plus wider training areas.


Headquarters Division

  • Command and control of all divisions,
  • administration of personnel,
  • command support, CIS matters,
  • public information, welfare and recreation activities and public events,
  • military security,
  • logistic support for the Austrian Armed Forces International Centre,
  • general and specific mission training.

Training Division

  • Planning and organization of national and international training,
  • general crisis response operation training and international courses and seminars,
  • mission specific crisis response operations training,
  • two week practical field exercise - force integration training (FIT) as pre-mission training for multinational contingents,
  • national and international training assistance for crisis response operations,
  • development of training and doctrine,
  • host nation support for Partnership for Peace activities,
  • exchange of instructors with other training centres.

Logistic Division

International training area
The logistic division covers procurement, storage, transport and resupply for troops serving abroad.

The tasks of the logistic division are composed of:

  • Logistics support of national contingents and individuals serving abroad as well as in other military missions (e. g. military attachés) covering procurement, storage, transport and resupply,
  • specific mission training.

Personnel Division

The personnel division is responsible for:

  • Organization and administration of aptitude testing of volunteers earmarked for service abroad,
  • execution of physical and psychological aptitude testing of volunteers and psychological care during and after service abroad,
  • recruitment and deployment of headquarters personnel and experts in coopertation with other units/agencies,
  • specific mission training,
  • personnel administration of all volunteers,
  • family and social welfare.


Austrian Ministry of Defense and Sports - Training Divison "B"
Command Building General Körner
Hütteldorfer Strße 126
A-1140 Vienna
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Tel: +43/01/50201-24781
Fax: +43/01/50201-17184
E-mail: herbert.kossegg@bmlvs.gv.at

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