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Non-Commissioned Officers

The Non-Commissioned Officers Academy is responsible for the basic, advanced and further training of the Austrian NCOs in order to develop their leadership techniques.

Training is carried out in accordance with the defence doctrine of the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) and takes into consideration the principles of adult education. The focus is not only on professional but also on social competence.

The Non-Commissioned Officer

NCOs lead teams, squads and platoons or serve as specialists in one of the branches.

In national and international operations the NCO has to show dedication, flexibility, mobility and a professional attitude. The solid training serves as a base for this.

Admission Requirements:

  • Austrian Citizenship
  • Full capacity to take legal action and liability (except for restrictions applicable to persons under age)
  • personal qualification (mind, body and charakter) and professional competence
  • valid temporary contract with the AAF
  • Practical training for his future job
  • positive result in the entry exam
  • availability of training place at the appropriate course

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