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Rank Insignias

Enlisted (Without Rank)

Formal Uniform 1) Field Uniform Combination Cap Description
Rank: Private
German: Rekrut
Specialisation: Light Infantry
NATO rank class: OR-1  2)

Enlisted (With Rank)

Formal Uniform 1) Field Uniform Combination Cap Description
Rank: Lance Corporal
German: Gefreiter
Specialisation: CBRN Defence
NATO rank class: OR-2  2)
Rank: Corporal
German: Korporal
Specialisation: Special Forces, Military Sports
NATO rank class: OR-3  2)
Rank: Master Corporal
German: Zugsführer
Specialisation: Sappers / Combat Engineering
NATO rank class: OR-4  2)

Non-Commissioned Officers

Formal Uniform 1) Field Uniform Combination Cap Description
Rank: Sergeant
German: Wachtmeister
Specialisation: Air Force
NATO rank class: OR-5  2)
Rank: Master Sergeant
German: Oberwachtmeister
Specialisation: Medical Service
NATO rank class: OR-6  2)
Rank: Staff Sergeant
German: Stabswachtmeister
Specialisation: Reconnaissance
NATO rank class: OR-7  2)
Rank: Warrant Officer III
German: Oberstabswachtmeister
Specialisation: Honour Guard
NATO rank class: OR-8  2)
Rank: Warrant Officer II
German: Offiziersstellvertreter
Specialisation: Artillery / Anti Aircraft Units
NATO rank class: OR-9  2)
Rank: Warrant Officer I
German: Vizeleutnant
Specialisation: Communications
NATO rank class: OR-9  2)

Commissioned Officers

Formal Uniform 1) Field Uniform Combination Cap Description
Rank: (Officer) Cadet  3)
German: Fähnrich
Specialisation: Military Academy
NATO rank class: OF-Student  2)
Rank: Second Lieutenant
German: Leutnant
Specialisation: Mechanised Infantry
NATO rank class: OF-1  2)
Rank: First Lieutenant
German: Oberleutnant
Specialisation: Light Infantry
NATO rank class: OF-1  2)
Rank: Captain
German: Hauptmann
Specialisation: Technical Service
NATO rank class: OF-2  2)
Rank: Major
German: Major
Specialisation: Superior Military Professional Service 4)
NATO rank class: OF-3  2)
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
German: Oberstleutnant
Specialisation: Military Logistics
NATO rank class: OF-4  2)
Rank: Colonel
German: Oberst
Specialisation: Military Medical Service (veterinary)
NATO rank class: OF-5  2)
Rank: Brigadier (General)
German: Brigadier
NATO rank class: OF-6  2)
Rank: Major General
German: Generalmajor
NATO rank class: OF-7  2)
Rank: Lieutenant General
German: Generalleutnant
NATO rank class: OF-8  2)
Rank: General
German: General
NATO rank class: OF-9  2)


  1. Unlike on the field uniform, the rank insignia on this uniform has a coloured background in order to distinguish specialisation. This does not apply to general officers, where the background is entirely golden with a narrow red border around the insignia.
  2. Since Austria is not a NATO member country, there is no policy on NATO rank class equivalents and the classes shown on this page are approximations given only for the sake of easier comparison to other armies.
  3. Unlike in other armies, the rank of Officer Cadet is held solely by current active students at the Theresan Military Academy, not prospective students (who usually hold the rank of Sergeant after a voluntary one year's service - Einjährig-Freiwillig). Upon graduation, cadets are promoted to Lieutenant.
  4. These specialisations, classified "superior", represent a distinction of officers obtained through possession of a post-graduate academic degree. Generally, successful studies in a technical field will lead to "Superior Military Technical Service", other studies to "Superior Military Professional Service". Unlike other specialisation types, these distinctions are not only displayed as a colour on the formal suit, but also suffixed to the rank title - for example, a Captain who has completed a post-graduate degree in Engineering thus becomes a "Captain of the Superior Military Technical Service". However, there is no distinction on the field uniform and these officers will still be addressed by the short form of their rank title.

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