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The basic mission of the Institute consists in exploring and mediating the general basics and factors of socio-philosophic, human and social sciences, which influence the relationship between soldiers, armed forces, society and state or determine it. This involves the comparative observation and evaluation - nationally and internationally - of the dynamic relationship between armed forces and society or armed forces and the political system, respectively, as well as the inquiry into and the analysis of influential factors of the security-political and socio-political reality and its changes, including their impact on the identity of armed forces and military professionalism. A full permeation of the military and its importance within the overall context of modern society, the analysis, positioning and conveyance of the military, peace, war and violence in all their manifestations are the focus of the education and information programme of the Institute.

Another important aspect is the development of comprehensive fundamental concepts to enhance social acceptance of the military within the Austrian political system, also with a view to consolidate the idea of an Austrian security strategy (Security Doctrine).


The Institute consists of three branches which cooperate on an integrative-scientific and interdisciplinary basis.

Philosophy and Sociology

Theoretical principles of research and teaching, social philosophy, sociological theory, sociological aspects of the soldiery, of the military as such and of society, ethical and moral questions raised in connection with political and military violence.

Political science and Journalism/Communication Science

Political theory, analysis of the national and the international political systems, armed forces in the public, questions of legitimacy, legitimation and acceptance, theory and practice of communication and information.

Psychology and Educational Science

Psychological aspects of the soldiery and society, identity of the military and the individual soldier; motivational research and personnel recruitment; psychology of war and endurance; knowledge management and psychology of leadership; theory and practice of educational science in the military.

Partners cooperating with the Institute are renowned national and international institutions, which deal with research and teaching in various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences (Institute for Religion and Peace, Vienna, Centre for Civil-Military Relations, Monterey, Centre for Leadership Development and Civic Education, Koblenz, and many others).

Eigentümer und Herausgeber: Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung | Roßauer Lände 1, 1090 Wien
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