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COL(GS) DDr. Andreas W. Stupka

Security policy, polemology, strategy, military sciences, armed forces and society, national service, intercultural competence

Christine Konhefer

Secretariat, administration, routine operations

WO II Michale Schittenkopf

Secretariat, administration, publications

Research and Teaching:
Dr. Paul Ertl

Epistemology, theory of science, systems theory, social and cultural philosophy, political economy, mimetic theory, social psychology, anthropology, professional and trade ethics

LTC Christian Krammer

Theory and practice of educational science in the military, political education

Dr. Hubert Michael Mader

International Humanitarian Law/Human Rights Law, political extremism, historic dimensions of military ethics and soldiers' ethos

COL Dietmar Pfarr

Security policy and the public, socio-political trends of development in security policy, problems of legitimation and acceptance of soldiers and the military in modern political systems, democratic control of armed forces

Dr. Günther Fleck

Clinical psychology, personality and social psychology, political psychology, cognitive sciences and knowledge management, theory of science

COL Georg Ebner

Military business management, motivational research & personnel development, quality assurance, leadership, supervision, social competence training, personality development, group dynamics, stress and stress management, decision making processes

LTC Andreas Thalhammer

Military sociology, war sociology, military history, research in the field of sociology in connection with wars and conflicts

COL Dr. Hubert Speckner

Research and teaching in the field of cultural property protection, International Humanitarian Law, political extremism, research into contemporary history regarding the Austrian Armed Forces, war captivity in the contemporary context, historical dimension of military operations

Dr. Wolfgang Etschmann

Polemology, armed forces and society, war theories


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