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The Study Centre is responsible for all higher education officer courses and seminars. The importance of this task is proven by the dedication of a specific organizational entity to it. The Study Centre is headed by the Vice Academy Commander dual-hatted as COS, who is to guarantee the coordination of education and research.

The Centre at a glance:
  • Central Administration Office
  • Office of Co-ordination
  • Course Directors
  • Sub-department of Distance Learning

The following courses are available:
  • General Staff course
  • Higher Administrative Services course
  • Higher Military Services course
  • Command and Control courses
  • Command and Control courses for reserve officers
  • Additional Seminars

For further information on courses or the most recent annual programme please contact KURSIS.

Eigentümer und Herausgeber: Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung | Roßauer Lände 1, 1090 Wien
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