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E-Learning in the Austrian Armed Forces

The article describes the principles of e-learning, shows the state of development within the Austrian Armed Forces, and gives an overview over current and future possibilities of use.

1760 - For the Second Time in Berlin

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the second Berlin Conquest, in October 1760, which involved Austrian troops led by Field-Marshal Franz Moritz Graf Lacy.

Military Policy: European Army?

Rearming Austria during the First Republic

After the First World War, Austria was only allowed to operate a small professional force. However, at the beginning of the 1930s massive restructuring and consolidation of the the Austrian Armed Forces set in.

Georg Reichsfreiherr von Derfflinger

The Upper-Austrian Protestant of rural provenance, who lived in the 17th century, advanced to Field-Marshal and had substantial influence on Prussia’s rise to a regional super power.

Haflinger Training on Highest Level

In the newly constructed Pack-Animal Center for the Haflinger horses of the Austrian Armed Forces on the Military Training Ground Hochfilzen the necessary competence for the manifold use of these pack-animals is imparted.

Commentary: First the Goal, then the Way!

Infantry Battalion 17

Infantry Battalion 17 is part of the 7th Infantry Brigade. It is the only armored infantry unit of the Austrian Armed Forces that is equipped with the armored crew transport vehicle "Pandur”.

"No Cinch”

This article deals with the preparation of the cadre presence unit of the Infantry Battalion 17 for participating in one of the two EU Battle Groups to be established in the first half of 2011.

Focus: The Military in Straß

Psychology of Operation - NATO Working Group Individual Psychological Fitness

Psychological fitness is the mental readiness to face the challenges in an operation - be it a humanitarian operation, a peacekeeping operation, a combat operation or a combination of all three.

Data Saving - What for?

The relevance of data is often only recognized when they are no longer available. Every user has to be able to save data and do it correctly.

Psychology: What is Security Worth?

The Austrian Armed Forces in the Middle East - From the Arab-Jewish Conflict at the End of the 19th Century to the UNDOF Operation

For 36 years the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force has been keeping peace on the Golan Heights between the frontlines of Syria and Israel.

The Swiss Army in International Stabilization Missions

For 57 years Switzerland has participated militarily in international peace operations. The highlight, thus far, is the Swiss contingent in the Balkans.

The MEDEVAC Module C-130

The MEDEVAC Module for the "Hercules” C-130K enables the Austrian Armed Forces to repatriate injured and sick Austrians from areas of operation quickly and safely.

Military Museums: The Museum of Karfreit (today’s Kobarid, Slovenia)

Air Transport and Air Space Management of EUFOR - Support for the Commemorative Ceremony 2010 in Srebrenica

On 11 July 2010, EUFOR supported the Bosnian authorities and organizers, with regard to planning and providing air transport for international guests, on the occasion of the 15th recurrence of the massacre in Srebrenica.Review

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