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English Summary

The Battle of Nassiriyah on 23 March 2003 - The Bloodiest Day of the 3rd Gulf War

The number of casualties during the 3rd Gulf War has been belittled to the public as long as the action was going on. As many as 29 out of the 60 US casualties on 23 March occurred during the fighting about Nassiriyah.

Reporting About the Iraq War

Journalists and media are torn between their control function and friendly reporting about politics and the military.

"Embedded Journalists” - Closer to the Truth?Since the Iraq War, embedded journalists have come closer to reality. Does this also mean that they have come closer to the truth?

Current Events: Germany and the New Defence Policy

The German defence minister, Dr. Peter Struck, has revamped his country’s defence policy, quoting modern defence and new priorities as catch phrases.

Clash of Cultures in the Biedermeier Period (II)

Cadiz, 1829: The Ponente Division has anchored and the crews are on shore leave. Initially, Bandiera, von Pflügl and Salmón refrained from employing military force. The situation was not clear enough to establish further plans. A reconnaissance and liaison mission was initiated.

Going International: The Summit of 29 April on Structural Cooperation and the Importance of Europe

The discussion about this summit has became a standard feature in the reporting. Discussions continue and also will affect Austria.

Bosnia’s Loyal Sons - About History and the Then Rules About Tradition

How was it possible that Bosnia and Herzegovina were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for 40 years, from 1878 to 1918. First occupied, and annexed in 1908, what has been left of that period in the Bosnian tradition?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOD includes the removing of mines and other explosives, so that friendly forces can move freely. A general change of opinion in the corps of engineers towards the development of mine awareness is needed.

Mauser pushes 30 mm RMK for wider roles (in English) The 30 mm recoilless automatic cannon RMK 30 weapon system is now being promoted for use on a variety of new platforms.

Special Forces in Crisis Response OperationsCurrently, special forces are quite popular, not only because of the terror attacks of 11 September 2001 and the following fight against terrorism. These forces increasingly meet with international interest.

From the Forces: "Move Your Mind, Go Ahead" - Air Defence and Its New Challenges

Air defence forces, their school, and leading officers of the air defence branch are facing great challenges. The air defence commander analyses the current situation.

NBC-Protection for the Individual Soldier - A Decontamination System

The training of NBC-protection for the individual often does not include proper decontamination, which, after the soldier has put on his NBC gear, ensures survival.

Man Is in the Centre: Haunting Memories of the Mission - Psychotraumatology in the AAF

Constantly recurring memories and scenes after particularly oppressing situations are called intrusion. Therefore, traumatised soldiers must be offered help after the mission.

The New Battle Dress - Development, Advantages and Practical Hints

The first combat units have already been supplied, now the remaining parts of the AAF are being outfitted. The new battle dress helps the soldiers to remain fit longer under extreme weather conditions, thus improving combat power.

Logistics in Peace Support Operations

In Austrian international missions, the general concept of logistics, which is based on international guidelines, must be adapted to the prevailing situation. Examples from Albania, Kosovo, and Afghanistan illustrate this approach.

The Training of PT Assistants

Every participant of the Staff NCO Course at the NCO Academy may undergo the required training to become a PT assistant.

Situation ARMAGEDDON (I)

A reinforced tank company attacks across bodies of water.


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