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Simulators, Simulation and Simulation Systems in the Austrian Armed Forces

A network of simulators, simulations and simulation systems is being created, the training resources of which may be used in such a manner that they overlap, complement each other or are interconnected.

History, Present and Future of International Crisis Management

A large international symposium organised by the National Defence Academy dealt with the 50th anniversary of Austrian participation in international operations.

Military Policy: 2011: New Cooperation Opportunities

Leopold, Count of Daun (1705 - 1766)

Together with Gideon Baron of Laudon and Franz Moritz Count of Lacy, Leopold Count of Daun is considered among the most important generals and reformers under the rule of Maria Theresa.

Cross Mentoring in the Federal Service

The Federal Service’s Cross Mentoring Programme, which is also supported by the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports, is a measure for promoting women.

Focus: "Valiant, Steadfast and Loyal”

13th Mechanised Infantry Battalion

The strength of the formation lies in the speedy switch between APC-based combat and dismounted or infantry-type combat.

The "13th‘s Tasks”

Innovations in riot control operations To optimise the training for riot control operations, the 13th Mechanised Infantry Battalion developed a procedure for learning to carry out such operations by drill, consisting of several phases, which is termed the "13th‘s Tasks”.

Commentary: Demagogues and Charlatans

Joint Tactical Targeting in the British Armed Forces

Targeting is a procedure of handling targets. In a command post different command functions, cells and centres interact with each another, fighting specific selected targets in order to cause maximum effect.

Operations Psychology: Understanding of the Soldiers’ Families

International operations often put partnerships and families to the test, thereby placing diverse strains on the respective relationships.

Psychology: Health Prevention by Way of the Induction Medical Check

Exercise EURAD 10

From 13 to 24 September 2010, Exercise EURAD 10 took place at the military training area of Allentsteig. In addition to Austria as the host nation, eight other nations, i.e. Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland, participated with state-of-the-art equipment, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance elements as well as CBRN defence specialists and staff officers.

Flood Catastrophe in Pakistan

This article provides an account of the UNDAC operation in Pakistan (24 July to 11 Sept. 2010) During the flood catastrophe in Pakistan, which directly affected 20.5 million people, Brigadier General Hirschmugl led an eight-person UNDAC (United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination) team from 24 August to 11 September 2010.

Military Museums: Defence Technological Collection Koblenz

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