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The Italian Volunteer Forces

In 2000, Italy decided to switch to a defence system of professional military service. As opposed to many other countries, this switch to all-volunteer forces has worked very well.

Crete: Battle over Maleme

The decision over victory or defeat in the battle over Crete, during the Second World War, was made in the area of Maleme with the landing of German airborne infantry and parachute units.

Archer: The New Artillery Gun Systems for Today and Tomorrow

The Norwegian and the Swedish Armed Forces have agreed on the joint development and purchased 24 systems each of the Archer 155 millimetre artillery system.

Mountain Infantry in Montenegro

In 2008, the Training Directorate of the AUT MoD tasked the Land Forces School with carrying out a feasibility study on the set-up of a mountain infantry battalion in support of the Montenegrin Armed Forces.

Military policy: CSDP and EAD - An Interim Report

The 6th High Mountain Infantry Brigade

Training and exercise are the principles for sharpening the profile of the 6th High Mountain Infantry Brigade for mountain operations.

Anton Freiherr von Lehár

Baron Antal Lehár, bearer of the Military Maria Theresian Service Medal, fought on numerous fronts, during the First World War. Because of his diversified career and his personality, he became name-giver to a class at the Theresian Military Academy, Wiener Neustadt.

Psychology in Operations - The NATO Workgroup Core statements in: "NATO-Leader’s Guide to Psychological Support”

This working group comprised of more than 30 representatives from 20 NATO and NATO/PfP nations, also including Austrian military psychologists, presented its results in the "NATO-Leader’s Guide to Psychological Support”.The individual chapters of it were adapted to the circumstances in the Austrian Armed Forces and were published as eight individual TRUPPENDIENST contributions.

Information Security in the Austrian Armed Forces - Facebook and Co ... The law also applies in the internet!

Focus: "Unity in Diversity”

Active airspace surveillance is carried out by the air surveillance wing and its sub-units, operating from the main air base Zeltweg Hinterstoisser.

Employment of the Airspace Surveillance Wing during an Air Security Operation During the World Economic Forum in Davos, the airspace surveillance wing, in cooperation with Switzerland, ensured airspace surveillance above Austrian state territory.

Psychology: The Integrating Effect of Military Service

Security Operation at the Yugoslavian Border in 1991. Operational planning and operation preparation of Corps Command I

At the end of 1987, Department III/Army Command tasked Corps Command I to commence planning measures with regard to a possible "escalation of the situation in Yugoslavia”. This was the birth of the new operation scenario "Yugoslavia”.

Military Museums: War Museum in Riga, Latvia

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