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Conscription for the Austrian Armed Forces in the Cold War Era

Conscription for the Austrian Armed Forces has been characterised by the operations at the border and by Defence Act amendments. The militia is anchored in the Forces by way of the 1971 Defence Act amendment. Obligatory reserve recalls ensure that the required portion of key personnel is present in the militia units.

Commentary: A remarkable Anniversary

Archduke Charles’ Victories over Napoleon Archduke Charles defeated the French on several occasions and enjoyed a great reputation already during his lifetime. He was the first commander to defeat Napoleon. With his reforms of the military and of the public administration he was ahead of his time.

Military Policy: Current Issues in EU Operations

Slovenian Tank and Artillery Museum Pivka In the young nation of Slovenia, the war for independence against the Yugoslav Peoples’ Army plays an important role. The Park of Military History acknowledges that era in a special manner.

Blackout - A Disaster …

Already in the first 24 hours, a blackout causes significant failures and severe restrictions. After approximately two days, emergency generators gradually become inoperative. Then the real disaster sets in!

2nd Engenier Battalion

The 2nd Engineer Battalion is the 6th Infantry Brigade’s combat support unit. The special strength of the battalion lies in the wide range of support it may grant.

Engineer Support in Mountainous Terrain

The support tasks of the engineer branch, especially in high-mountain areas, range from constructing footbridges and temporary bridges through roads and trails, cable cars and makeshift accommodations to position blasting. The 2nd Engineer Battalion (2 ENBN) has the knowledge, the skills and the equipment required for such operations.

Focus: Salzburg Engineers

Military Security Screenings Anyone dealing with military information classified ‘confidential’ or up requires prior screening.

Psychology: Operations and Psychological Care Go Hand in Hand


In the brigade exercise Decisive Engagement 2011, from 5 to 16 December 2011, the 7th Infantry Brigade put the operational readiness of the soldiers of Task Force 25, the stand-by battalion of the Armed Forces, to the test.

Construction of Roads and Trails in the Mountains

Since the 2nd Engineer Battalion became an element of the 6th Infantry Brigade in 2002, the training and the operations preparation of the brigade have been systematically directed towards engineer support in mountainous environment.

Future Soldier

The biggest meeting of army tops with manufacturers and security experts - this is the Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference, which is hosted by the Czech Republic and takes place in Prague between October 17 and 19, 2012.

Combat in Built-up Areas - Techniques on the Platoon and Company Levels

Commanding a platoon or company is particularly demanding in urban terrain. The new training system of the Land Forces School is to prepare key personnel for this type of operation.

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