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From the French Revolution to the Congress of Vienna

Napoleon Bonaparte, was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica. The French Revolution between 1789 and 1799, and a number of military victories, particularly over Austria, Russia and Prussia, made himself the ruler over half of Europe.

Basic Military Training for Journalists

Reporters often report from crisis regions and under dangerous conditions, without having undergone basic military training. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Dr. Roland Adrowitzer gives an account of his experiences gained on the occasion of such training in Sunningdale Park, near London.

Frederick II. The "Evil Man in Berlin”

Austria’s 18th century was marked by the numerous wars waged between the Habsburg Empire, reigned by Empress Maria Theresa, and Prussia, ruled by King Frederick II, which eventually resulted in Austria’s loss of Silesia.

Military Policy: Challenges for the EUMS

Special Investigator in the Military Police - A New Capability

In 2007 the Military Police Command was newly formed as a special unit of the Austrian Armed Forces and directly subordinated to the Joint Forces Command. This ushered in a realignment of the Austrian military police forces.

Captain Hermann von Kirchner (1890-1953)

In 1916, during World War I, Captain Kirchner was awarded a knighthood of the Military Maria Theresan Order. The Class of 2012 of the Theresan Military Academy chose to name itself after him.

Blackout - Self-help Capacity

The increasing vulnerability of our complex systems makes us susceptible to blackouts. By ensuring a civilian capacity for self-help and an adequate fuel supply, among others, the consequences can be largely controlled.

Psychology: Let Us Please Be fools!

Amendment of the 2001 International Deployment of Armed Forces Act

The amendment of the International Deployment of Armed Forces Act creates an express national legal basis for carrying out tasks within the framework of international operations and provides an increased level of legal security of the soldiers deployed in such operations.

Focus: Confidently Managing the Challenges of the Future

33rd Tank Battalion

New Challenges for Main Battle Tanks

The complexity of the current operational scenarios has in no way diminished the importance of tanks. As most conflicts are confined to built-up areas, even the most modern tanks have to be adjusted to the "laws” of this environment.

An "All-Inclusive” Training Centre

The varied combat-related and tactical tasks of an operation place high demands on the training infrastructure. Thus, the Seetaler Alpen military training area will be upgraded into a state-of-the-art training centre by 2015.

Urban Combat Operations - Initiatives by the Forces

To show various Austrian Armed Forces initiatives on urban combat, the urban combat training centre of Steinbach, located at the Allentsteig military training area, is presented as an example.

Military Museums: 200 Years of Medical Service in the German Bundeswehr: The Medical Service’s Study Collection

Commentary Armed Forces: Finally Make a Decision!

Innovation at the AMADEUS 2012

For the first time, an Armed Forces exercise is set in such a way that the challenges of a joint operation will affect, in particular, the forces to be trained.

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