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Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812

On 24 June 1812, Napoleon crossed the Neman River and advanced with his main army through Vilnius right to Moscow, without having declared war. Hunger, illnesses, iciness, snow and constant attacks on the part of the Russian army made the redeployment an absolute disaster.

60th Anniversary of the B-Gendarmerie (1952 - 1955)

60 years ago, the precursor organisation of the Austrian Armed Forces was established as a police force.

Hendon Aviation Museum, Greater London

The Royal Air Force Museum is located half an hour northwest of the inner city of London. It contains one of the largest collections of aircraft in Europe. Some 100 airplanes, ranging from the beginning of military aviation to the present, are exhibited.

Commentary: The Moment of Trouth

Military Police Weapons

At the beginning, the German Bundeswehr had great difficulties to procure weapons. The arsenals of the German military police contained a large variety of weapons. In accordance with the changing tasks, the quality of its armament has improved steadily.

The Edelweiss - an Alpine Flower with Symbolic Power

Hardly any other flower has such symbolic power as the edelweiss. Its inhospitable living environment is part of the military theatre of operations.The edelweiss has always had great symbolic significance.

A Chance for Fairness - the Anti-Mobbing Initiative in the MODS/AAF

The Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports has initiated an anti-mobbing initiative, which is to proceed against mobbing at the workplace.

Focus: Going Ahead under the Banner of the Edelweiss!

24th Infantry Battalion (High Mountain Terrain)

Two Points of View

On the basis of the 2011 annual education/training planning of 24th Infantry Battalion (High Mountain Terrain), the planning process for the annual planning is presented from the viewpoint of the planner as well as from that of the conscripts of the full contingent of July 2011.

Blackout - the Network Society and National Crisis Management

Various analyses assume that in the future society will be confronted more frequently with completely unexpected and super-regional major catastrophic events. Thus, a comprehensive consideration of environmental conditions is called for, in order to grasp the overall scope of effects, including those on national crisis management.

Tasks and Guiding Principles of the Armed Forces Security Agency

On the basis of the historical development of the Armed Forces Security Agency, changes in the tasks of this military intelligence service, up to the implementation of the recommendations by the Armed Forces Reform Commission of 2010 and the conduct of a guiding principles process, may be clearly tracked.

Military Policy: Strategic Challenges for the EU Defence Policy

Cleared Hot

In May 2012 the largest exercise of the Austrian Armed Forces, AMADEUS 2012, was carried out in the province of Lower Austria (Truppendienst Issue No. 4/2012). In this exercise the Pilatus PC7/OE aircraft demonstrated their versatile employment possibilities in evacuation operations.

Psychology: Mobbing Prevention - Practical Challenges

European Endeavour 2012

From 29 May to 8 June 2012, the exercise European Endeavour 2012 (EE 12) took place at the Wildflecken military training area, Germany. The aim was to check the operability of the EU Battle Group, including its staff sections, and to verify its mission ready status.

The K-Kreis - Definitely There for You

These "helpers of Vienna” are the successor organisation of the former Viennese Civil Protection Association. The members of the K-Kreis also consider themselves as a communication platform. According to their motto and the shared goal, they are "definitely there for you!”

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