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English Summary

Ready Units - A New Challenge for Personnel Management in the Austrian Armed Forces

EU-led Peace Operations call for ready, ad hoc deployable forces. As of this year Austria will have such units. However, generating personnel for them clearly differs from what has been Austrian usage so far.

The War of the West against International Terrorism

The US and its allies have declared war on international terror, mainly of Islamistic provenance. There are, however, some who call this fight a failure.

Mobbing - A Topic Also in the Forces

Examples of mobbing and like it might occur in the forces, explanations for it, and possible courses of action for superiors as wee as those concerned.

International Defense Technology Deals

Coproductions, setoff deals, and knowhow transfers open up great chances for national economies and companies involved.

Reflections on Peacekeeping in Africa

Future orientated EU, US, and UN efforts focus on supporting the African continent in developing their own coordinated capabilities for crisis prevention and peacekeeping.

Tactical Engagement Simulator - A Quantum Leap in Individual, Team, and Unit training

Tactical engagement simulators help train soldiers to act correctly in combat situations, show the consequences of wrong actions in the theater, and increase the quality of training in a hitherto unknown realistic way.

The Artillery in Conjunction with Reconnaissance Assets (II)

Longrange reconnaissance in conjunction with intelligent precision ammunition facilitates the engagement of enemy combat vehicles at long distances.

"ULAN” - Fielded for One and a Half Years

From the provisional testing phase of the ‘ULAN’ to questions concerning infrastructure requirements for its operation, lessons learned, and experience gained during this period.

Engineer Combat Support

Multinational operations as well as international exercises have again and again underscored the need for engineer support.

The Transformation of Medical Logistics Since Operation "Desert Storm”

There are significant differences in the management of medical logistics between the 1991 Persian Gulf War and the Operation "Iraqi Freedom”.

"Malicious ” Software (I)

"Malicious” software is a term used for special programs that variably change or damage programs and data.


Unexpected incidents require rapid response, not only for one’s own protection but also for that of the entire company.

Staff work Training for Non-Commissioned Officers

Our experience in international operations has made it clear that highquality staff work training for NCO’s is an absolute must.

Military Training and Education in the Slovenian Armed Forces

The developments within the forces, the abolition of the conscript system, and the support to be received from universities make the educational system of the Slovenian Armed Forces appear more future oriented.

Does the Czech Army Still Need Tanks?

The Czech Army is undergoing a radical change - a reform is imminent. 31 tanks organized in one battalion are to be retained. A Czech General Staff Officer analyzes the development from the past to the present and the future.


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