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The ending of the battle over Stalingrad was a turning point in World War II. 70 years later, only few contemporary witnesses of the battle are still alive.

Borodino and Stalingrad A Comparison of the Strategies of Napoleon and Hitler

This year is the 200th anniversary of the French-Russian War with its Battle of Borodino, and the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II will be commemorated for the 70th time.

Military Policy: Chance and Challenge

The Three Lives of the 6th High Mountain Infantry Company

The history of the high mountain infantry company reflects the chequered history of the Austrian Armed Forces. Even after its official disbandment, its corps spirit continues alive through comradeship.

Stalingrad - 70 Years Later

In February 2013 it will be 70 years that the German 6th Army perished in the Battle of Stalingrad, today’s Volgograd. This event took the lives of numerous Austrians as well. Only recently could many of them be buried in a proper manner.

Naval Criminal Investigation Service

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) is the prosecuting authority of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC). Its tasks are to combat crime and terrorism as well as to conduct counterintelligence.

Training Cooperation in the Staff Service for NCOs

Since 2007, there has been a close cooperation between the School of Military Police and Staff Service of the German Bundeswehr in Hannover and the NCO Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces in Enns, with the focus being placed on staff service training.

Commentary: Things are Going Well … and Badly!

Transportation of Hazardous Material

The new chemicals legislation also affects the transportation of hazardous material, and this article summarises its effects on such transports within the Austrian Armed Forces for those active in this field as relevant information.

Military & Law New Legislation between September 2011 and September 2012

Network Militia

Since October 2008, Brigadier Heinz Hufler, military commander of Salzburg, is in charge of the militia forces within the Austrian Armed Forces. In 2011, his work was centred on assembling and activating this network.

The Threat to the Strategic Information and Communication Infrastructure

Cyber war attacks are directed against the availability, the confidentiality and the integrity of the critical strategic information and communication technology on which a state is based.

Focus: The Operation as the Measure of All Things

12th Infantry Battalion

Infantry and Armour Training for the Future in Amstetten

In cooperation with the 14th Tank Battalion the 12th Infantry Battalion trains all company- and HQ squad commanders as well as platoon leaders of the 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade for "operations in urban environment - cooperation between the infantrymen and tanks".

Psychology: The Will to Survive

Farewell to Camp Casablanca

The Austrian Camp Casablanca in Kosovo was closed down due to troop reductions. For 13 years it had served as accommodation and operations centre for Austrian and Swiss soldiers.

"Bridge Builders for Peace” From Regional Liaison Monitoring Team to Joint Regional Detachment

In the course of the restructuring of the KFOR troops, the Regional Liaison Monitoring Teams (RLMT), control centres of the Liaison Monitoring Teams in Kosovo, were transformed to become Joint Regional Detachments (JRD).

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