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From Tripoli to Adrianopolis - the Balkan Wars 1912 - 1913

The Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913 did not only represent the last phase of the almost total loss of the Osman Empire’s European territories; they are also considered to be the bloody prelude to the First World War.

Museum of Military History Dresden

This museum is not a collection of metal. It exhibits, distributed on 10,000 square metres, 700 years of military history, put into the context of our cultural and civilian histories.

More than just a Language Course

For approximately twenty years the National Defence Academy has offered German courses for officers from abroad, and they go beyond pure language learning. Officers from eight countries took part in the latest course for members of foreign armed forces.

Commentary: What now?

Alfred Prince of Windisch-Graetz (1787 - 1862): The Sword of Reaction In Austria, but most notably in the Czech Republic and Hungary, Field Marshal of Windisch-Graetz’s name has been inextricably linked with the revolutionary events of 1848/49.

"Locked Out”

When using a computer with included internet access, one is exposed to countless threats. Malware, for instance, can take control of the computer and demand a ransom.

Focus: "Fast - Flexible - Secure!”

The 1st Command Support Battalion

The 1st Command Support Battalion is directly subordinated to the Joint Forces Command. It is able to support the forces, en bloc or modularly, with regard to information and communication technology.

Command Support - Telecommunication in the 21st Century

The 1st Command Support Battalion ensures the ability to communicate for the Joint Forces Command and its subordinated forces according to the principles of a force provider.

The New Military Command Course 3

From January 2013, a new version of Military Command Course 3 will be offered at the NCO Academy. The new framework conditions in the Austrian Armed Forces call for shorter training and a modular training system.

Interactive Scenario Training - a New Training Method

In a simulation all the skills a soldier requires in order to be able to cope with a critical operational situation are used interactively and subsequently analysed. The Austrian Armed Forces train the soldiers to use military force in strict accordance with the principles of necessity and reasonableness of means.

Map Exercise "Poppy Bird”

The objective of map exercise (MAPEX) "Poppy Bird” was to integrate regulations and publications of other armed forces in order to pass on a consensus to commanders within the 4th Armoured Infantry Brigade.

Psychology: Force Psychology - the Operation in Lebanon

Urban Combat Operations - Lessons Learned from Fallujah

A practical combat situation in Iraq illustrates how urban combat ope­ra­tions theory (regulation, training) is turned into practice (battle).

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Old or "found” explosive ordnance has to be handled, disposed of and destroyed professionally by an EOD expert. Various techniques are available for that.

Mobile Training Teams "Storage of Explosive Ordnance” during EUFOR "Althea”

The Austrian Armed Forces have been sending Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) to Bosnia and Herzegovina for multinational training in the field of munitions technology. Experts teach the Bosnian soldiers how to properly handle and store ammunition and explosives.

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