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English Summary

Fit for the operation

A physical performance capability geared towards an operation and the tasks involved requires new methods in physical training. The profile concept "physical performance capability” serves as a basis in this context.

Imperial and royal warships on the Danube

This contribution is dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian Navy on the Danube and its ships.


He who pays the piper calls the tune Bridges, too, have their history The railroad viaduct of Solkan/Solcano Its exposed geographical situation in an area heavily embattled in both World Wars gave the world’s biggest stone arch bridge a history full of changes.

Recurring nosebleeding

Recurring nosebleeding points to a serious illness! Thus, instead of waiting or treating oneself, a visit to the unit surgeon is highly recommended!

E-learning within the armed forces language training by taking the example of Czech distance seminars

Within language training, particularly, it is imperative to combine traditional methods and modern resources rather than excluding one or the other.

High-tech soldier - International trends

New technologies enhance infantry combat power, which is, most often, too weak by itself. However, the energy demand and weight of the new products set limits to their wide-scope applicability.

Photographing - A danger to military security?

In the middle of 2012, a new directive on photographing, filming and illustrating in military areas came into force in order to accommodate technological progress and the modifications of legal bases.

Misunderstandings concerning "motivation"

During a presentation at the yearly experts’ meeting of leadership trainers, Mag. Dr. Zeyringer clarifies a few misunderstandings concerning the topic of"morivation”.

Institute for Human and Social Sciences

The Institute for Human and Social Sciences teaches and researches in the field "relationships between state/society and military/military operations”.

The museums of mountain warfare on Plöckenpass and in Kötschach-Mauthen

The "Museum 1915 to 1918” in Kötschach-Mauthen shows the history of the war against Italy on the south-western front, with the open-air museum on the Kleiner Pal Mountain as a backdrop.

The 26th High Mountain Infantry Battallion

"Capricorn 2012”

In this exercise, involving 1,340 troops, "defence in Alpine terrain under winterly conditions” was practiced, aiming at updating soldiers’ knowledge and abilities as well as improving commanders’ leadership skills on the tactical level in difficult terrain and under extreme conditions.

Focus: 26th High Mountain Infantry Battallion

The benefit of new technologies in the operation

New technologies, like for example the EU FP7 space project, were to make the real-time exchange of information in case of emergencies and disasters more efficient and productive.

Psychology: Performance of the psyche starts in the head

Operation in the urban environment - Close combat in Fallujah

On the squad and team levels and, above all, on the level of the individual soldier fighting in the urban environment swiftly becomes close combat. From a practical combat situation lessons can be learned concerning one’s actions and the training undergone.

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