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The Almost Forgotten of Defence Point Vienna Military Resistance against the National Socialist Regime

The attempt at overthrowing the National Socialist regime on 20 July 1944 went successfully in Vienna at first. The conspirators had skilfully orga­nised their operation in such a way that it targeted the institutions of the NSDAP in the German Reich and also in France.

Museum: A Monument to Megalomania and Resistance

During the war, Adolf Hitler had numerous headquarters in the east and the west. However, the most famous one is no doubt the one codenamed Wolf’s Lair, situated at Ketrzyn in what is today Poland.

Battle of Mogersdorf

Today the battle is considered a turning point in the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Empire. With the victory of the Christian coalition forces over the "Turkish” army the spell of Ottoman invincibility was eventually broken.

Forward Air Controller: Qualified and Certified

When fire support from the air is required fast and to be directed in a quick and precise manner, internationally accredited air controlling personnel is called for.

Commentary: We Are Broke!

Military Diplomacy - Part 1 Bilateral Military Relations

These activities are based on a comprehensive understanding of security-political processes, a high degree of cross-culture awareness, the ability to manage sudden crises and the possibility to communicate with an international community.

Focus: Villach Engineers - Engineers for the Future!

1st Engineer Battalion

The 1st Engineer Battalion is a combat support unit of the 7th Infantry Brigade, covering a broad task spectrum in national and international operations.

"Home Advantage”

From 18 to 22 November 2013, the 1st Engineer Battalion for the first time conducted an exercise series referred to as "home advantage” to implement the task spectrum of an engineer battalion most efficiently and cost-savingly as the highlight of the year.

Command Sergeant Major: Leading Role in Pooling & Sharing in the Mountain Field

Forward Air Controller Training in the Austrian Airforce

This article highlights the possibilities of supporting complex international training courses with cost-saving assets of the Austrian Airforce within the framework of pooling and task-sharing.

Psychology: Morality May Advocate Resistance - But I Don’t


One year ago Austria withdrew its UN contingent from Syria. The then Deputy Force Commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, Brigadier General Stefan Thaller, relates his impressions of the events unfolding between 15 April and 31 July 2013.

Blackout in Slovenia

In February 2014 large areas of Slovenia were afflicted by disastrous amounts of sleety rain and floods, which cut off many households from electric power for over a week.

Blackout (Gutmann)

Freaky weather in Slovenia and in the south of Austria resulted in a local blackout at the beginning of February 2014. Austria supported with power generators.

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