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Military Dogs in the Austrian Forces 1914-1964-2014

Trained dogs have been used for 100 years in the Austrian Forces, which provides an excellent opportunity to present to the broad public the developments of military capabilities within a small segment.

NBC Defence Mask 2000

After the NBC Defence Mask 65 was introduced in the Austrian Armed Forces almost 50 years ago, it will be replaced by the NBC Defence Mask 2000, which has been used by the German Bundeswehr since 2005.

The Hundred Days of Napoleon

The Hundred Days marked the period between Emperor Napoleon of France’s return from exile on Elba and his final downfall after the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

Stress Research at the University of Applied Sciences Bachelor Course Military Command

In 2009 the Theresan Military Academy started a research project on the topic of "Improving the Physical and Psychical Performance Ability by Way of the Findings of Stress Research”.

Commentary: The Last Days of This Army

International Military Academic Forum (iMAF) 2014

International symposiums have been held at the Theresan Military Academy for several years. Before presenting the findings of iMAF 2014, it is important to give some information on this initiative.

Commentary: "A Current Crisis Is Mostly a Child of the Past”

Military Diplomacy - Part II Training, Tasks and Challenges

The current challenges for military-diplomatic relations are characterised especially by complexity and military globalisation. In the past years the capability to act in a creative manner has advanced considerably, particularly within the framework of the further development of the European Union.

Career Advancement Scheme for NCOs

Non-commissioned officers are the connecting link between officers and other ranks. They are expected to show dedication, mobility and a professional attitude - on operations at home as well as abroad.

Commentary Regimental Sergeant Major Regimental Sergeant Major - "The First under Equals"

Reconnaissance Drones

Besides military possibilities and the assets available in this field, drones have become affordable for everyone also in the civilian sector - and the trend does not halt before the Austrian Armed Forces.

Focus: Infantry Battalion Tyrol - Ready on behalf of the Homeland

Austrian Armed Forces’ Units: Infantry Battalion Tyrol

Exercise Schutz 2014 from Various Perspectives

From 10 to 18 June 2014 over 5,500 soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces trained together with the police, security agencies, civilian agencies and energy suppliers in the Provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The objective was to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure.

Exercise Handwerk 14

Exercise Handwerk 14 was the main effort in terms of training of the 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade in the first half-year of 2014.

Psychology: Psychology in Non-commissioned Officer Training

AUTCON and AUSBATT/UNDOF - the Sudden End of a Longstanding Era - Part I

Since June 1974, some 29,000 Austrian soldiers had served on the Golan Heights. When the Syrian civil war spilled over "into the zone”, the framework conditions and the security conditions of this operation were radically changed. This article is aimed at showing with which difficulties the members of the last AUTCON/UNDOF rotation were confronted.

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