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"Live Agent Training”

Since 1998 Austrian soldiers have been trained to handle live chemical agents in an exercise facility near Vy¹kov (Czech Republic).

Scurvy, Sails, and Naval Battles

Aspects of everyday life on board the warships of European nations in the 19th century are explained as are infectiology and war surgery, which the crews of this time were conronted with.

Casualties in International Operations - Numbers of Recipients of the Casualty Medal of the Republic of Austria

The Republic of Austria has participated in international peace operations with soldiers of the Armed Forces since 1960 and with policemen since 1964. The award of the casualty medal, however, which is the second highest honour of the Ministry of Defence and Sports beside the Military Appreciation Medal, is not strived for.

Commentary Command Sergeant Major: The Command Sergeant Major … and His Network

Military International: The Armed Forces of the USA and Canada in 2014

Military Diplomacy: Defence Attaché Roving - a Flexible Model of Military Diplomacy

The Defence Attaché Roving’s office covers the military-diplomatic relations between Austria and its Central European and Eastern Eouropean neighbours. Thus, the MoDS reacted to the positive security-political developments in the neighbouring states.

Psychology: This Is a Grave Mistake

Armed Forces Security Agency

The Armed Forces Security Agency is the intelligence service of the Austrian Armed Forces and has the ability and competence to identify threats for military security and to order and implement appropriate measures.

milCERT - a Major Contribution to Cyber Defence

By building milCERT’s special abilities the Austrian Armed Forces make a contribution to the overall national efforts aiming at Austria’s cyber security. In the Austrian strategy for cyber security the Austrian Armed Forces are assigned the responsibility for cyber defence.

Focus: From the Classical Supply Unit to the "Multi-Service Unit”

1 Supply Regiment

The 1 Supply Regiment is the logistics unit of the Austrian Armed Forces. Its main tasks are transport management, to build logistic bases in Ausria and abroad as well as link-up supply to other countries.

Operations Preparation AUTCON5/UNIFIL at the 1 Supply Regiment

The 1 Supply Regiment conducts the operations preparation for the UNIFIL soldiers (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) for the fifth time.

Disaster Relief Operation AUTHUM/AFDRU-BiH

On 22 July 2014 the AUTHUM/AFDRU contingent comprised of 76 soldiers returned from a two-month disaster relief operation from the Ora¹je area in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

The UN Operation In Cyprus In 1964 And the Fights In 1974

In 1964, 50 years ago, the UN operation started in Cyprus with the participation of Austria. From 1972 to 2001 Austria contributed a battalion of blue helmets.

AUTCON And AUSBATT/UNDOF - the Abrupt End To A Long Era Part 2

At the beginning of March 2013 the Croat UNDOF contingent surprisingly withdrew. This decision and the overal development of the situation formed the climax of the crisis, which finally led to the termination of the almost 40 year long history of success Austrian soldiers on the Golan Heights.

Museums on Malta Of Major Military Historical Importance

Malta has a turbulent and interesting history, which is told by several museums and memorials, which also or particularly have a military-historical relevance.

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