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The EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy and Austria’s Representation of Military Interests

Austria, in devising its foreign policy, heavily relies on the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, which is decisive for Austria’s defence policy as well.

The Battles over Vienna and Berlin 1945

Within 19 days the two most significant major cities of what remained of the territory of the German Reich - i. e. Vienna and Berlin - were captured by Red Army troops. A race between U.S. Army groups and the Soviet "Fronts” for Berlin had not taken place.

April 1945 - Advance into the Centre of Vienna

In the course of the Red Army’s conquest of the city of Vienna, the advance of a small mechanized task force under Guards Captain Dimitriy Loza from the western part of Vienna into the city centre stands out, eventually resulting in the city’s rapid capture.

Air Warfare over Austria in 1944/45

Until 1944 the Allies in Austria bombed almost exclusively the aircraft factory of Wiener Neustadt. During the last months of World War II the key transport hubs of the German State Railway were attacked. This circumstance also lead to large-scale destruction in numerous Austrian cities.

The Light Infantry - Origin and History

The light infantry developed from soldiers that were particularly skilled in marksmanship and combat procedures. They were subsequently incorporated into, and used by, all Austrian infantry units. This is where the German term "Jäger” for infantryman in today’s Austrian Armed Forces originates.

From Fortified Blocking Battalions to Multinational Crisis Management Europe’s Armed Forces on Their Way into a New Security Architecture? Part 2

The second part of this series deals, especially, with specific aspects of Europe’s history, the security-political environment, the global framework conditions to be expected and the future developments of areas of conflict.

6th Headquarters Battalion

Focus: 6th Headquarters Battalion - Support in High Mountain Terrain

Call the Austrians - 25 Years of AFDRU

The Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit (AFDRU) was established in 1990 and has proved to be successful in numerous different AFDRU-operations. The request for disaster relief on the occasion of the earthquake in Armenia of 1988 triggered the setup of this unit.

Tactical Foot March - Techniques and Application Part 1

The soldier has to know how to move in any terrain and to reach his assigned destination in fighting condition and without losses. The tactical foot march is the basis for this. It is the precondition for successful mission fulfilment in the individual types of operation.

Psychology: The Key to the Attractiveness of the Austrian Armed Forces.

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