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"Heimvorteil 15”

The brigade exercise "Heimvorteil 15” (‘home-field advantage’) of the 1st Engineer Battalion was held in Carinthia from 7 to 10 September 2015. It was aimed at training and improving the capabilities pertaining to engineer combat support and construction support.

… from Brussels "Together for a Stronger Europe!”

This article presents the European Union Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) and two areas of capabilities development - combating cyberthreats and counter IED.

Commentary Command Sergeant Major: Challenge and Success Story

Electronic Warfare in the Austrian Armed Forces As private citizens we benefit daily from what the electromagnetic spectrum offers us. For the military it is also indispensable to exploit all possibilities of this spectrum so as to prevail in operations. How do the Austrian Armed Forces deal with the dimension of combat in the electromagnetic spectrum?

News from the Legislative BranchSeptember 2013 to September 2015

Essential are the (further) implementation of the already initiated measures concerning national service reform and the realisation of the required adaptations of the Federal Constitutional Act on Co-operation and Solidarity in the Sending Abroad of Units and Individuals.

Resolute Support Mission - Training, Advisory and Assistance in Afghanistan

The Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan has the task to aid the Afghan government in setting up and developing efficient security structures. Since mid-February 2015 ten Austrian soldiers have participated in this operation.

Flying at the Limit - Safety through Training

Since Austria is a mountainous country, mountain training is of great importance to all units of the Austrian Armed Forces. The military pilots of the helicopter squadrons are internationally regarded as experts in the field of high mountain aviation. They manage to land on ridges, saddles, shoulders and in cirques. Military pilots, however, reach their limits when it comes to training possibilities, since the air is virtually getting thinner and thinner as far as training is concerned.

CAPRICORN 2015 - Mountain Infantry in Combined Arms Warfare

From 26 May to 12 June the largest exercise for quite some time took place in Western Austria. Soldiers of the 6th Infantry Brigade trained together with support troops from all fields of the Armed Forces. The objective was to gain valuable insights, which are subsequently to be applied to training.

Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria

One of the mightiest buildings in Pula is a fortress, the construction of which began in1631 at the behest of the Venetians. Today this bastion houses a museum containing numerous objects from the Austro-Hungarian era.

KFOR - Multinational Battle Group West

The Multinational Battle Group West is the last first responder of the NATO forces in Kosovo. The Kosovo mission is currently on its way into a new phase. The objective is a flexible deployment of the forces on site in accordance with the situation.

Psychology: ... and they still function

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