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English Summary

Slovenia, NATO, and Austria

Experiences and lessons learned from Slovenia’s accession to NATO Pilot Selection in the Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish selection procedure extends way into the training phase and is closely linked to the operational training. This ensures good combat pilots and keeps the drop-out rate during pilot training low.

Current Affairs: The European Union, Security, and Austria

Notwithstanding that since 1 May 2004 the EU comprises 25 member states, NATO remains the Union’s guarantor of security. Austria wants to participate in what is known as "Core Europe" without giving up its neutrality. Is it all a question of political credibility?

Master General of Ordnance Benedek and the Battle at Hradec Králové (Königgrätz)

The apparently timeless, predominantly political and financial reasons for the defeat that Benedek was not allowed to speak about still outweigh the achievements of this officer who was born 200 years ago.

Reflections on the Changing Face of Warfare - Consequences for the Forces

War is still the "continuation of politics with other means", although the actors of those politics as well as the "other means" have fundamentally changed.

Passport of the Future

After September 11, 2001 there have been world-wide efforts to improve security in passenger traffic. This also includes forgery-proof passports as well as the possibility of quickly and unequivocally retracing them to their rightful owners by using, e.g. biometric data.

Life Guarding "Extreme"

The lifeguard team of the Austrian Armed Forces did outstandingly well in the 3rd Military World Games 2003 held in Italy.

Background of the Middle-East Conflict

This contribution is a chronological presentation of historic data of the common Israeli-Palestinian history.

Going International: EU Enlargement: Security-Political Consequences and Challenges for Austria

Austria’s specific situation of being a non-aligned EU member state calls for reconsideration, particularly of the changed strategic situation and the new regional dimension.

The Armoured Personnel Carrier "Ulan"

After many years the armoured infantry is able to keep up with main battle tanks on the battle ground again.

The Structure of the Infantry Corps

A special working group known as "Quo vadis Infanterie?" is dealing with the future of the Austrian Armed Forces’ Infantry Corps, including its general structure.

From the Forces: Where Are the Austrian Armed Forces Depots Going?

Will the Austrian Armed Forces Depots become Force Logistic Centres in the future? Another possible armament-political tool to co-operate with the industry?

Driving Force

In December 2002 a fourth interim force "Stryker" brigade was equipped with new 8 x 8 Stryker medium-weight armoured vehicles.

Tactical Lessons Learned from the Operation "IRAQI FREEDOM"

The US military leadership has started to analyse the experiences made in this operation and to draw conclusions from it.

NBC-Defence Elements in Company to Battalion-Size Units

Organisation, tasks, and possibilities of the NBC-elements of the Austrian Armed Forces in company to battalion-size units.

The Person Comes First: Failure: Still Considered a Taboo in Our Society

We have to admit our failures, and accept having to take them into account with the same matter-of-factness as we take our successes into account.

The AAF Tactical Engagement Simulator: Optimising the Training Effect

After almost a decade, better training effects are now being achieved through an optimised use of the system.

Tactical Engagement Simulator Training

One aspect of training has to be preparing the soldiers in all legal matters that will have an influence on how they act in international missions.

Malicious Software (II)

Viruses, worms, mail bombs, and other virtual attacks threaten or damage the security of military information and communication technologies.


Water crossing during an attack is always a challenge.


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