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English Summary

Seven Days in May

The politico-strategic framework conditions for Austria's rearmament during the early days of the Cold War between 1945 and 1955.

Austria's Security Policy between Neutrality and Solidarity (I)

Over decades Austria's security policy has been based on neutrality. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, however, there have been drastic changes.

Partnership for Peace and the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) (II)

Transformation has become the key term for many Western forces. The constant adaptation to new challenges also has far-reaching consequences for the AAF.

Current Affairs: Iran's Nuclear Weapons Plans Alarm the World

As Iran persistently pursues its nuclear weapons program, analysts argue that this is a security threat to Israel, the U.S.A., and Europe.

The Horn of Africa

Central Africa does not come to rest. After the age of colonization, democracy, human rights and economic development still seem to struggle and depend on help from outside. The German Navy is making its contribution.

Mobile Radio Relay and its Effect on the Soldier

Are radio relay links and the antennas used for them relicts of former times or is digitalization a reassuring factor for the signals soldier of a radio relay team?

NATO's Combat in Built-up Areas Instructor Course

Over the past few years urban warfare has increasingly gained international attention. An Austrian NCO was familiarized with British urban warfare techniques.

Going International: International Military Relations - Review of the SHIRBRIG Command and Preview of the EU Presidency

Austria will continue to support SHIRBRIG's further development. One key issue during Austria's EU Presidency will certainly be the further stabilization of South-Eastern Europe and particularly of the Western Balkan Region.

Future Level One Maintenance

The high technical standard of Level One Maintenance is to benefit the Austrian Armed Forces of the future and the troops. Partly responsible for this are also the Armed Forces Ordnance Depots.

From the Forces: Military Pilots in Austria

Austrian military pilots have to undergo very complex selection procedures but face very interesting training and career options.

"Electronic Border Control" in the Strait of Gibraltar

The first surveillance system of its kind was built after concerns over illegal immigration rose in Europe.

IFOR - SFOR - EUFOR: Austrian Soldiers Keeping Peace in Former Yugoslavia

The large-scale and challenging peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been going on since 1995. Aside from IFOR and later SFOR and EUFOR, over 600 international governmental and non-governmental organizations have been on the ground, contributing to rebuilding efforts and the consolidation of peace.

Tactics in Kosovo - Consequences of the March Unrests

The commanders of the Multinational Brigade Southwest have learned their lessons and adapted training to the new conditions.

The New Command and Control Regulations of the Austrian Armed Forces (II)

The service regulations for testing command and control regulate command and control principles for brigade-size-and-up units during operations at home and abroad in a comprehensive and coherent manner.

The Person Comes First: When Life Becomes a Drag ...

Soldiers and the issue of suicide: What superiors and comrades ought to know and how they should act.

Mobile Defense of Mechanized Troops (I)

With mechanized troops, defense, as a type of operation has so far not received adequate attention. The article takes a closer look at this type of operation.


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