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English Summary

"LOTs" - The New Neighbors: The Austrian Liaison and Observation Team with EUFOR "ALTHEA"

Since November, Austria has contributed substantially to EUFOR’s Composite Coy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The operational areas of the Austrian comrades are very diverse, ranging from company commander to LOT.

Austria’s Security Policy Torn between Neutrality and Solidarity (II)

With its accession to the EU, Austria has moved into the centre of the continent. Since then, solidarity and cooperation are called for, AAF operations abroad have become the rule, and the future tasks of our soldiers have drastically expanded.

Current Affairs: Kosovo - Solving the Question of Status Quickly

Currently 810 Austrian soldiers are serving in the Balkans. However, stability and peace are still a far stretch away.

Partnership for Peace and the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) (III)

The PfP initiatives for training, exercises, and evaluation of forces earmarked for common international operations also affect Austria.

Going International: The Year of Anniversaries 2005 - AAF International Relations

Over the last decades the UN, NATO with its Partnership for Peace and last but not least the ESDP have been an integral part of Austria’s defense policy.

The Collegial Address of Austrian Officers

This article deals with the collegial manner of officers addressing each other in the former Austro-Hungarian Army and in today’s Austrian Armed Forces.

The Austrian 1882/83 Jan Mayen Expedition

The research base on the island of Jan Mayen was established during the First International Polar Year in 1882 for purely scientific purposes.

A Company Commander’s Thoughts on Iraq

His experiences in Iraq will make company commanders and platoon leaders aware of what to expect and how to better prepare soldiers for the tasks ahead.

The AAF NCO Academy Informs

In close cooperation with the NCO Academy we provide information about new methods in NCO training and take a closer look at professional ethics training in the Austrian Armed Forces.

Rabies - Beware of Stray Dogs and Unusually Behaving Beasts

Rabies is an infectious disease that particularly affects soldiers in the field if they do not act appropriately.

Air Transport of Dangerous Goods

International guidelines regulate civil and military air transport of dangerous goods.

From the Forces: EUFOR "ALTHEA" - The Foreign Mission from the Perspective of the Company Commander

ALTHEA’s Composite Coy constitutes one of the biggest challenges within the multinational environment of the EU - it is led by an Austrian officer.

Air Security in Large-Scale Events

Also in Austria, large-scale events may become potential aims for terrorist intentions. The Air Force has to provide effective air security for the duration of such events.

Securing the Airspace of Davos

How air security is provided during the annual World Economic Forum is shown by means of concrete measures taken as well as the cooperation between the Austrian and the Swiss Air Force.

The Person Comes First: Psychological Aspects of Acting on Risks during Flying Operations

Military pilots often have to make important and correct decisions fast under risky conditions. The AAF psychological service can provide support.

Mobile Defense of Mechanized Troops (II)

Defense as type of operation has, thus far, not received adequate attention with regard to mechanized troops. Reason enough to take a closer look at this type of operation.

The New Command and Control Regulations of the Austrian Armed Forces (III)

This, for now, last part of this series presents the AAF Service Regulations/Fire Support and offers an outlook on regulations for 2006.


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