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English Summary

15 Years of Border Guard Assistance at Austria’s Eastern Borders

With the downfall of the Iron Curtain the border, then unprotected, was an open invitation for many to emigrate into the Golden West. The Austrian Armed Forces were requested to start an assistance operation that has lasted until today.

Partnership for Peace and the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) (IV)

This article deals with NATO operational planning and the participation of partner nations - in particular of Austria - in NATO-led operations.

Training in Professional Ethics for NCOs

The more complex the field of peace enforcement, fight against terrorism, etc. becomes, the more the ethical basis gains in importance. For this reason a project group has developed a new concept for training Austria’s NCOs in professional ethics.

Current Affairs: There Is Unrest in Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan are totalitarian states mostly with a tendency to deny human rights. Economic crises contribute to the population’s impoverishment. For many, political Islamism is the only hope left.

Personnel Statute for the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army has been a professional army since 1972. This summary shows what it has to offer to its service members and what the position of the individual is, also in contrast to the Austrian Armed Forces.

Do You Really Know Anything about Islam?

For a long time the West has been dealing with Islam only superficially. The soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces are often directly confronted with it, e.g. in operations in Islamic regions or when training Muslim soldiers.

Going International: EU Referenda, ESDP, and the Challenges of Presidency

A few weeks have passed since the EU Treaty was rejected in France and the Netherlands. For Austria’s 2006 EU presidency this is an opportunity to consider some aspects of ESDP.

Light Utility Helicopter SA.316B "Alouette" III - Areas of Operation and Configuration Variants

Even if the helicopter rescue service with the "Alouette" III (Al3) based on the Aigen im Ennstal Air Force Base has been stopped, the operational spectrum of the "Alouette" III is still ample.

From the Forces: The All-Purposes Aircraft - "Alouette" III

Now the Austrian Armed Forces use the light utility helicopter "Alouette" III as a Jack-of-all-trades - and rightly so.

Field Ready in Foreign Operations?

The Mechanised Infantry ready key-personnel unit "Task Force 9" of 9th Mechanised Infantry Battalion was Austria’s first ready key-personnel unit to be tested in accordance with the NATO procedure OCC-A&F.


Psoriasis, the chronic progressive skin disease, should by all means be treated by a doctor.

28th Military Observer Course for Peace Support Operations at the Centre for Operations Preparation in Götzendorf

11 international and 11 Austrian students attended this course in spring 2004.

UN Peacekeeping - The New Challenges

Hundreds of thousands of persons owe their lives to those who, as soldiers or police officers on the spot, endeavour to make it possible for former enemies to live together peacefully.

The Austrian Armed Forces in Afghanistan - Renewed Participation in ISAF

The AAF are going to take part in the reinforcement of ISAF due to the Afghan parliamentary elections scheduled for September 2005.

The Person Comes First: Armed Forces under the Influence?

The Austrian Armed Forces require action with respect to drug consumption, particularly in the field of prevention.

Air Defence on a Virtual Airfield

Protecting airfields from air threats - also in operations outside of Europe - is part of the tasks of the Object Protection Battalion of the German Air Force. The training facility SAM "Stinger" Simulator gives a virtual representation of its areas of operations.

Supply and Logistics in Operation "Iraqi Freedom".

The new logistics and supply system of the U.S. armed forces played an essential part in the success of the operation.


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