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Provision of U.N. disaster relief in humanitarian crises requires the coordination of all international and national assistance forces.

Current Affairs: China’s Massive Arms Build-up

China has developed a considerable potential of strategic nuclear weapons, has reinforced its naval forces enormously, and has acquired fighter, transport, tanker, early warning and command and control aircraft as well as up-to-date guided missiles, main battle tanks and reconnaissance systems.

Cook & Chill - Three Stars for the Food from the Troop Kitchen

Cook & Chill is an extremely healthy, cheap, environmentally friendly, and innovative solution for ensuring the best possible catering for the personnel.

Service in the Military Control Center

The Military Control Center (MCC) is not only in charge of military flight control but is also, because of its special role, the link between civilian flight control and military tactical-operative command and control.

Outsourcing in the Armed Forces - Chances and Risks

At present, outsourcing in the armed forces is gaining greatly in importance. Therefore, one must have a clear idea of the chances and risks of outsourcing, also with regard to the savings or additional costs incurred by it.

Going International: EU Presidency Focuses Regarding the Military Part of ESDP

In 2006 the main areas will cover, among other issues, the improvement of the interplay between civil and military crisis management, the further development of the European capabilities regarding crisis management, the command control and the preparation of crisis management operations, and the CFSP priority of the western Balkans.

The Disaster Relief Platoon of Tamsweg - Helping Where Others Cannot Assist Anymore

Contrary to the standardised platoons of the Austrian Armed Forces, the disaster relief platoon of Tamsweg, province of Salzburg, is scarcely known. Only few insiders know that it exists and what its capabilities are.

Bonnland - An Austrian Infantry Platoon Trains Urban Warfare in Germany

Employment in built-up areas is the most likely scenario for infantry-type operations at home and abroad. This is trained in the urban warfare facility of Bonnland, near Hammelburg, Germany.

"CBE 2005": Best Effort Regarding Common Operations - The NATO-PfP Exercise Series

Cooperative Best Effort will take another turn in 2006: as of next year, the exercise series will not only be renamed but also be given a new framework. In 2005 for the last time the exercise took place on the battalion level in the Ukraine.

Forward Surgical Teams of the U.S. Army - Increased Chances of Survival in the Iraq War.

The employment of U.S. Army Forward Surgical Teams in the Iraq War considerably increases the chances of survival of wounded service members.

From the Forces: "Alert! Flood Assistance Operation!"

Solid preparatory measures and the strict application of the command and control principles were the basis of the successful assistance operation of the 15th Infantry Battalion during the October 2005 floods in the Austrian provinces of the Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Manning the All-Volunteer Force: US Army Recruiting

Since 1964, the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) has been tasked with recruiting America’s best for service in the US Army.

Developments in the Field of System Bridges (II)

This article explains the D-Bridge and Waagner-Biro’s Panel Bridge in detail and also compares the performance parameters of current bridge systems.

The Person Comes First: Army Psychologists in Disaster Relief Operations

Army psychologists were employed during the 2005 flood assistance operation in the province of the Tyrol, Austria. The feedback received reveals that their employment was relevant, just like the measures they took.

Team Training

The exercise of command and control, also known as leadership, is focused on personal and social aspects, and therefore, the ethical aspect within command and control. Command and control training promotes the exploration of one’s own personality.

Durandart 2004

By utilising a command and control simulation system, on the Letzlinger Heide, near Magdeburg, Germany, the Brigade 30 (GE) and the 3rd MechInfBgde (AU) improved their longstanding training cooperation by examining tactical procedures as well as by training staffs and HQ personnel.

Situation CLEVER FOX (II)

This map exercise deals with a reinforced tank battalion in a mobile defence situation.


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