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TRUPPENDIENST Journal and the Idea of Europe

When it comes to transporting, developing and implementing the idea of Europe, the importance of national armed forces as a determining element is often underestimated.

The German Navy (I)

This article describes the various stages of the German Navy, from its beginnings in 1848 - when it was founded as Navy of the Deutscher Bund - the two World Wars and the time in between until its rebirth in 1956 as part of NATO.

Allergies - From Itching to Deadly State of Shock

Allergies continue to be on the advance, particularly in industrialised countries. About one fifth of the population is affected. Yet, an allergy is not a harmless illness.

The New E-Passport

In order to meet the exacting security requirements, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has decided to introduce a machine-readable passport with biometric data.

Austrian Armed Forces Acquire IRIS-T

The new and advanced short-range air-to-air missile for the Eurofighter "Typhoon” is to be delivered to the Forces as of 2007.

International Affairs

India - A Rising Regional Power.

"Bomb Job” Explosive Ordnance Disposal (II) - Equipment and Assets

The equipment has to match the composition of a team.

Developing a Command and Control Structure for EU-Operations

Operation HQs make it possible for the European Union to conduct military and security-relevant operations autonomously.

Qadesh, Approximately 1300 B.C.

This article analyses the battle between Egyptians and Hittites from the perspective of modern military command and control procedures.


AUCON3/ISAF - Election Support in Afghanistan.

Austrian Armed Forces Logistics Centres

The Logistics Centres are the technical and depot-logistical supply branch within the AAF.

European Security and Defence Policy

Decisive institutions and actors Military Policy

Informal Meeting of the Ministers of Defence - Preliminary Assessment.

At Distant Borders - Mountain Infantrymen from Spittal in the Mountains of Kosovo

In 2002, the 26 Infantry Battalion was the first unit of AUCON 6/KFOR to provide an entire infantry company for service abroad. Its 2nd Armoured Infantry Company monitored the mountainous border region in Kosovo.


Charisma and Leadership Behaviour The Advance on Bagdad - the Limited Possibilities of High-Tech

The advance of the U.S. forces on Bagdad demonstrated that the use of advanced technology on the battlefield is still limited.

Task Force DULJE - We were there

Austrian career soldiers of the engineer branch talk about their often unusual work in Kosovo.

German NBC Defence within the NATO Response Force

In a multinational exercise in 2004, elements of the Bundeswehr’s NBC defence branch demonstrated their capability.


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