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English Summary

Soldiers in High Mountain Regions (II) Imperial Militia Forces - High Mountain Troops

It was only in 1906 that the Austro-Hungarian Empire set up these special troops who gained fame during the mountain war against Italy.

International Affairs: Israel - Iran: On the Brink of War?

Iran refuses to suspend its nuclear programme and the diplomatic efforts do not seem to have any effect. Israel could, therefore, decide on taking up arms in order to secure its existence.

The German Navy (III)

The farther German Navy forces are away from their national medical infrastructure, the more importance is placed on the military medical service. Naval operations rescue centres on ships are a substantial part of it.

Partners on Paws

Numerous tasks abroad as well as the tasks at home, which are gaining in importance, have revived the military use of dogs.

More Security on All Levels of Altitude

The Austrian Armed Forces are currently fielding a new personal protection gear to prevent falls from precipices as well as new rescue equipment for the search and rescue elements.

Military Policy: New Challenges after the EU-Council Presidency

Now that the Austrian EU-Council Presidency has come to an end, the strategic goals of the European Security and Defence Policy established under Austrian auspices are to be further pursued.

50 Years of the Military Newspaper "Der Soldat”

On 22 April 1956 the first issue of the new military newspaper appeared. Today "Der Soldat” continues to provide up-to-date and competent information concerning matters of the Austrian Armed Forces, just as it has over the last 50 years.

European Security Culture - Also a Matter of Training

Austria is able to contribute to a common European security culture, among other things in courses on Common Foreign and Security Policy as well as on European Security and Defence Policy.

Project ENCOA

The Non-Commissioned Officer School of the German Air Force and the Austrian Non-Commissioned Officer Academy are closely cooperating on the project ENCOA (European Non-Commissioned Officer Academy) which also includes internet-assisted NCO further training.

Focus: Coming Home

Those returning home after having served abroad often face difficulties. Problems in relationships as well as lack of understanding on part of the superiors and comrades often make it difficult for them to reintegrate into "normal” life.

Providing Care to Family Members during and after Deployment Abroad

Aside from providing psychological care for soldiers serving abroad, also care for the family members at home is gaining in importance, particularly in view of increasing Austrian participation in international operations.

Electronic Artillery Fire Control System (I)

The hardware, the operating software as well as the training systems, which form the total package of this fire control system, are introduced.

"Annual Training 2005”

The 2005 training helped prepare the 41st Infantry Brigade of the Oregon National Guard for Afghanistan. Three Austrian officers participated in this training event.

The Multinational Experiment 4

A new concept for improved reaction capability in the event of political crises and natural catastrophes was successfully tested in a very realistic crisis simulation.

Heroes of Telemark

Telemark Battalion is Norway’s biggest professional Army unit. This mechanised battle group forms the core of Norway’s reaction forces abroad.


Even though Sweden is not a NATO member it has successfully conducted NATO PfP exercises nicknamed "VIKING” for years, during which the participants are confronted with very complex operation scenarios of Peace Support Operations.

Psychology: Sigmund Freud and the Soldiers

Sigmund Freud’s principal findings concerning the human psyche and the subconscious have, until this day, provided the possibilities and the necessary understanding for treatment, also within the Austrian Armed Forces.


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