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English Summary

Multi-Role Combat Aircraft

In order to fulfil various operational roles or combat tasks with a single aircraft type, nowadays multi-role combat aircraft are being used.

International Affairs: Changes in the U.S. Army

Soldiers in High Mountain Regions (V) - Military Mountain Guide Training

The overall duration of training is 30 weeks. Those who pass are recognized as highly qualified experts and are well-respected all over the world.

Proper Use of Medication

Patients should take medicine always as prescribed by the doctor.

Personnel Statute for the German Bundeswehr

Appropriate compensation, education, training, and promotion opportunities as well as social benefits assist in ensuring that the military profession stays competitive on the German job market.

Focus: New Center of Competence - The Air and Air Defense School

The Soldier’s Image and Pastoral Care

The military chaplaincy is committed to the soldiers. Who or what is the Austrian soldier at present?

Airspace Surveillance (II) - Flight Control of the Austrian Armed Forces

Flight control is an essential component of airspace surveillance in Austria. Whether or not an interception engagement is successful depends to a large degree on the flight control personnel.

Exempla Docent - Learning from Examples

The transformation of the Austrian Armed Forces made structural changes of the branch schools necessary, which led to the establishment of the Land Forces School.

Military Policy: Security and Stability in South-Eastern Europe - A Strategic Concern

The Austrian Armed Forces: Development, Tasks, and Military-Strategic Objectives

Talk given by the head of the Joint Command and Control Staff on the occasion of the conference on "German-Austrian Cooperation in International Operations” organized by TRUPPENDIENST Journal.


Interoperability of participating nations for peace support operations in the spirit of NATO Partnership for Peace was the declared goal for the exercise held in Moldova in 2006.

A Review of the Military Aspects of the European Security and Defense Policy since 2004 (I)

By early 2004 the European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) was starting to gather momentum. This article describes how ESDP has devoped from the European Union Military Staffs’ (EUMS’) point of view.

Psychology: Failed Thinking?

Searching for Mines and Munitions (II)

Part Two of the series takes a closer look at the manual search for mines - the actual craft.

Protection from Improvised Explosive Devices

Improvised explosive devices are cheap and relatively easy to build. The development of countermeasures, however, is extremely costly and requires imagination.


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