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English Summary

The War for the Falklands - An Atypical War

On 2 April 1982 Argentine troops occupied the Falkland Islands located in the South Atlantic Ocean, thus triggering a war between Argentina and Great Britain.

International Affairs: Somalia - A New Terror Front?

Social Engineering

Social engineering, by way of social contacts, makes people say or do things that are detrimental to themselves or others. Its application contributes to information security and protects the soldier.

… From Brussels: Military Representation in Brussels - The Link to Europe

The Military Representation of Austria in Brussels (MVB) is Austria’s military-diplomatic link to Europe, defending Austria’s interests vis-à-vis the EU, the NATO, and the European Defence Agency.

50 Years of the Rome Treaty

The six founding states set themselves ambitious goals.

Military Policy: 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty -A Signal for a Strong Europe

The New JCB 4CX "Sitemaster" Backhoe Loader

In order for the engineer construction companies assigned to the EU forces to be able to fulfil their tasks, the engineer branch is being equipped with the new JCB 4CX "Sitemaster" backhoe loader, a modern and efficient multi-purpose machine.

Focus: Can Terrorism Be Defeated?

Fully Operational! The OHQ Rapid Reaction Force

As of the beginning of this year, the EU Battlegroup I/2007 for quick crisis response within the entire spectrum of the Petersberg tasks as well as the required command structure are ready. Austrian soldiers are involved.

Psychology: Be Careful Whom You Trust!

Estimate of the Alpine Situation

The qualified Alpine personnel have to analyse the Alpine situation accurately and to provide the tactical commander with the best advice so that he can fulfil his tasks.

The Future Reconnaissance and Artillery Battalions

Adapting the artillery and the reconnaissance branch to the Austrian Armed Forces’ new structure is a real challenge.

Meningococcal Meningitis - A Life-threatening Infection

Meningococcal meningitis is a very serious illness. Only if diagnosed and treated at an early stage, long-term consequences or even death can be prevented.

On an Academic Basis - But Where?

The officer’s profession must be competitive on the job market at least in comparison to other academic professions.

A Review of the Military Aspects of the European Security and Defence Policy since 2004 (II)

Part II of this series covers various aspects of civil-military cooperation and gives an overview of training exercises, partner organisations and ESDP’s way ahead.


The second part of this article covers the preparation and realisation of the field training exercise "COOPERATIVE 2006" in Bulboaca, Moldova.

Searching for Mines and Munitions (III)

The final part of this series deals with the biological mine search, in which animals and plants are used to render a service to humans.


This exercise by the German Bundeswehr’s Streitkräfteunterstützungskommando (Joint Service Support Command) was aimed at improving the joint logistic support of a German contingent for an international operation.


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