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English Summary

The Battle at Kolin on 18 June 1757

250 years ago, Field Marshal Daun defeated a Prussian army led by Frederick II.

German Navy: The New Corvettes Set New Standards

By 2008, the German Navy will field five new (K130) Braunschweig-class corvettes, the advanced and innovative equipment of which will set new standards.

International Affairs: Explosive Middle East

E-PEP: What is it?

E-PEP stands for "Electronic Personnel Employment Plan" and is, essentially, a computer software to steer and accomplish the Austrian Armed Forces Reform 2010 with regard to personnel.

Military Policy: Is the European Force Still in Reach?

The Air and Air Defence School

In the course of the transformation of the Austrian Armed Forces also the school organisation will be restructured, which should improve the interaction among military academies, branch/weapons schools and the troops.

Hepatitis - The Yellow Threat

An inflammation of the liver caused by hepatitis viruses usually heals itself out within a few weeks without causing further health problems. However, if it becomes chronic, it can lead to liver cirrhosis or even cancer of the liver.

"This Nation Has Not Given Itself Up"

On 25 February 2006, COL (GS) Efrem Cattelan held a lecture on "Project 26", which he had headed from 1979 till 1990. The P-26 was considered to be the "military organisation for resistance in territory occupied by the enemy".

… From Brussels

Leading is More Than a Job!

One of the main tasks of career soldiers is to lead. This does, however, not only imply setting goals. Commanders also have to explain to the people they lead the sense of their actions and teach them the necessary training contents.

Focus: Remarks on the Current Discussion about Officer Training in the Austrian Armed Forces

NCO-Candidate Preparation Course (I)

On 8 January 2007, 87 highly-motivated NCO candidates moved into the Towarek Barracks, housing the NCO Academy. This marked the beginning of the preparation course.

Mountain Infantry as Separate Weapons Branch?

In times of globalising military operations, this weapons branch is needed more than ever.

EUFOR RD Congo - Europe Can Do It!

This operation gave the Europeans the opportunity to actively support the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo on their way into democracy and stability.

Psychology: Suicide in the Forces - No Blind Spot!

The Poor Man’s FBCB2

Cell phones revolutionised communications for insurgents and terrorists, and they cost thousands of dollars less than Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below (FBCB2) systems.

The Battle for the Iraqi City of Fallujah (I)

Fallujah is an extremist stronghold and base for brutal abductions and bomb attacks. Why did the American troops not succeed in preventing atrocities?


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