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English Summary

"Peace for Galilee" - the 1982 Lebanon Campaign

The campaign launched 25 years ago was a military success for Israel, inflicting heavy losses upon the PLO and Syrian troops, although -in the long term - it did not pacify the region.

UNTSO - United Nations Truce Supervision Organization

In summer 2006 the conflict between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah militias flared up again. An Austrian UN soldier was killed. At once UNTSO entered the headlines in Austria’s media.

International Affairs: The Battle for Iraq

BPC "Mistral" - The French Navy’s New Multi-purpose Ship

As command and control ship, the BPC "Mistral" can provide the basis for an HQ on the operational level but can also be used as helicopter carrier, troop transporter or hospital ship.

Hints for Written Homework Assignments

Many training courses include written homework assignments. This article should help to elaborate homework assignments more efficiently, while fulfilling scientific and formal criteria.

… From Brussels

In Memory of Major Hans-Peter Lang (1962 - 2006) - Soldier of the Year 2007 - Special Award

On 25 July 2006 four UN observers were killed in an Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon. Among them was the Austrian Major Hans-Peter Lang, who was remembered at the Soldier of the Year 2007 ceremony by being honoured with a Special Award.

International Operations of the Austrian Armed Forces: Cautious Acceptance by the Officer Corps

A study carried out by the Austrian Armed Forces Psychological Service reveals that Austrian officers - with certain reservations - are willing to participate in international operations. However, the tendency to do so is declining.

Focus: NCO Career Option as Specialty Officer in the Austrian Armed Forces?


This article describes the logistic challenges and the future of the Multinational Stand-by High Readiness Brigade.

NCO-Candidate Preparation Course (II)

At the NCO Academy in Enns, Upper Austria suitable NCO candidates are selected with the help of the Armed Forces Psychological Service and an Assessment Centre.

Military Policy: New Task - Different Perspective - Same Objective

Operation EUFOR "ALTHEA"

Bosnia’s transformation process is aimed at the complete withdrawal of all international forces and handing over national sovereignty to the Bosnian government.

HeliOps in Bosnia

In 2006 Austria was framework nation of the Multinational Task Force North in the operation EUFOR ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For support, three Alouette III helicopters were deployed to Tuzla.

The Battle for the Iraqi City of Fallujah (II)

From a military perspective the second U.S. offensive in Fallujah, in November 2004, can be considered a success. The Americans did not lose the battle in the theater but on the media front.

Psychology: How Do the Austrian Armed Forces Perceive Themselves?


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