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English Summary

The War against Iraq - a Breach of International Law?

Can a war like this be justified from a legal and moral perspective?

Current Events: "WW IV"

As a consequence of the attacks of 9.11.2001, the US president declared a decisive and long "war against terrorism". Will this be WW IV?

Non Governmental Organisations and Armed Forces (II)

Procedures, common interests and differences in humanitarian missions.

The Current NBC Threat Scenario

NBC threats may emanate from governments or nongovernmental actors. On top of that, and irrespective of military conflicts, there are dangers resulting from technical and/or environmental disasters.

The Uniforms of the Austrian Armed Forces in the Second Republic (I)

The uniforms worn in the early days of the AAF in the Second Republic: uniform M 56, battle dress M 57, fatigue M 59 and dress uniform 65.

Going International: Crisis in Iraq: Preliminary Thoughts about the Consequences

Cooperation in the framework of ESDP is an important pillar of Austria’s defence policy. Therefore, the effects of the war in Iraq on ESDP are of special importance for our country.

50 Years Austrian Armed Forces

Efforts to collect information for the documentation of the history of the Austrian Armed Forces.

Infantry Combat

Using all sorts of technical and electronic aids, infantrymen must be aware of their core competencies.

Combat Experiences gained in Alpine Terrain

Elements of the Austrian KFOR Battalion in Kosovo serve in Alpine terrain.

Turkish Troops Reinforce Border

With the increasing likelihood of a US-led offensive against Iraq, Turkey began preparations to bolster its forces in the southeast.

From the Forces: ..."to serve"

What do soldiers and politicians understand by the phrase..."to serve", as expressed in the oath of allegiance?

Reconnaissance in the Framework of Peace Support Operations

In addition to the classical tasks, reconnaissance in a PSO must also include the political, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

A Superior who Listens!

Proper listening is an art to be learned. Obstacles to communication in routine duties and their effects on corporate culture.

International Security Assistance Force - Protecting Installations in Kabul for the Loya Jirga

Activities of Austrian soldiers in PSOs abroad cover a wide field up to and including area security tasks, as was the case in Afghanistan.

Training Glimpses: Instructing in the Context of Further Training

Instructors, too, must undergo continuous training, so that they can teach properly.

Civil-Military Cooperation - the Return and Integration of Refugees and Minorities

For quite some years, CIMIC has been a military task in the framework of PSOs. In recent operations, the spectrum of this cooperation has widened considerably.


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