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Austro-Hungarian Expeditions to the Arctic between 1871 and 1883 and the International Polar Year

This year the third International Polar Year started. This is reason enough to have another look at Austro-Hungarian accomplishments in exploring the Arctic, such as the expeditions by Payer and Weyprecht, which resulted in the discovery of Franz Josef Land.

Global Humanitarian Forum Geneva

It is the declared objective of the GHF to set various measures to strengthen the International Community’s ability to react to humanitarian challenges, to find common solutions, and to catalyse the political will concerning these issues.

International Affairs: Asia’s Massive Armament Buildup

Austria’s Military Music: From 1957 until Today

Over the past 50 years military music has established itself as substantial and indispensable part of the PR work of the Austrian Armed Forces.

Smokers Die Earlier!

Smokers not only pollute the air with their unpleasant smell but generally also die at an earlier age. That is because tobacco consumption leads to life-threatening health damages.

Transformation of the Bulgarian Armed Forces

Bulgaria’s accession to NATO and the European Union also made major changes in its armed forces necessary. The most far-reaching change is the transformation into an all-volunteer force.

Focus: NBC Defence in Transformation

100 Years Ago: The First Self-loading Pistol in the Austrian Army

By fielding the 8 mm repeating pistol M.7 in 1907, after one and a half decades of developing it, Austria-Hungary became the first great power to introduce automatic pistols in its army.

… From Brussels

Scenario KLOSTER (II)

A reinforced reconnaissance battalion carries out tasks of surveillance, guarding and cover, within the framework of a PSO operation.

Military Policy: The Importance of the Austrian Armed Forces within the International Defence Policy

"I pledge … with all my strength …”Sports in the Austrian Armed Forces, maintaining physical fitness and taking pleasure in doing exercise are essential contributions to public health.

Swimming Aid - Medical Support provided by the Maritime Task Force UNIFIL

On 11 August 2006 the United Nations passed Resolution 1701 - this marked the beginning of the first sea-based peace support operation in the history of the United Nations.

The Militia is History - and Future

Austria’s militia soldiers are not anything to be discarded. On the contrary, as of 2008 the militia will receive a new impetus through new structures and new tasks.


Can the Liaison Observation Teams (LOTs) in Bosnia be compared with the Liaison Monitoring Teams (LMTs) in Kosovo, and if not, why is that so?

Psychology: … Before Changes Cause Despair …

Separation of Parties by Force (SOPF)

The tactical and combat-specific demands on armed forces in the SOPF scenario have changed compared to the traditional combat in the battlefield - freedom of action takes priority.


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