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… From Brussels: The European Union’s Crisis Management Procedure

The EU considers crisis management, such as in Chad, to be an important task. But how do EU bodies adopt, plan and prepare operations of that type?

International Affairs: Blackwater - A Result of Outsourcing

"Not Only for the Glamour of Fame"

150 years ago, Field Marshal Radetzky, who was probably the most popular military commander of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, died. "Father Radetzky", as he was also referred to, had loyally served his country for 72 years.

The Styria Military Band

The Band of the Military Province Command, Styria is a first-rate attraction of the Austrian Armed Forces, nationally as well as internationally.

The Eurofighter "Typhoon" (II) - Field Testing and the Beginning of Serial Production

In March 1994 a comprehensive testing programme for the Eurofighter "Typhoon" was launched, which took many years.

The Units of the Austrian Armed Forces

This article describes the target structure of the units the Austrian Armed Forces will comprise, according to the specifications of the AAF Management 2010.

Focus: "3rd Mechanised Infantry Brigade - Go!"

The 3rd Mechanised Infantry Brigade

The "Third" is one out of the two mechanised brigades of the Austrian Armed Forces.

Operational Reserve Forces (ORF) - The "Crisis Responder" for the Balkans

NATO as well as EU forces in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina have seen a considerable reduction over the past years. In order to still being able to react to unexpected escalations reserves are being built.


This was Austria’s first disaster control exercise on the battle simulation system, conducted by leading personnel and specialists of Lower Austria’s emergency services (district of Tulln) together with the Austrian Armed Forces.

Scenario KLOSTER (III)

A reinforced reconnaissance battalion carries out tasks of surveillance, guarding and cover, within the framework of a PSO operation.

Military Policy: The EU-led Operation in Chad - A Reproving Report

"COOPERATIVE LONGBOW and COOPERATIVE LANCER" 2007 (I) A Challenging Test for the 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade.

For two years NATO has been carrying out a series of multinational exercises in order to improve interoperability between NATO and NATO PfP countries. In 2007 a brigade HQ and a multinational battalion trained in Albania.

CIMIC in Congo: Six Months as J9 in the Force Headquarters

Legitimated by a UN Chapter VII mandate also Austrians served in Congo. The J9, being responsible for civil-military cooperation (CIMIC), was able to considerably contribute to the operation.

Psychology: The Military Psychologist in the Brigade - Advisor and Guide

Decision on Life or Death

If terrorists hijack an airplane with passengers on it and head directly towards a sports stadium, a congress centre or a high-rise building, the Swiss Minister of Defence is entitled to order the aircraft to be shot down.


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