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English Summary

Explaining the War

During the Allied Operation Iraqi Freedom against Saddam Hussein, unbiased information was hard to come by. The Austrian Armed Forces tried to alleviate the situation by providing a team of experts for the Austrian media for continuous coverage.

Current Events - Thoughts about Terror and Law

Unfortunately, insidious terrorist attacks on an asymmetric battle field are commonplace today. The stipulations of international law, however, must be applicable to any soldier at any time.

Murder or Suicide?

New findings about the violent death of the Austrian infantry general Wilhelm Zehner after the German invasion of 1938.

The Uniforms of the Austrian Armed Forces in the Second Republic (II)

The almost unaltered dress uniform and the battle dress known as "Anzug 75", with its practical onionskintype layers that obviate the need to change frequently.

Going International - The Current State of European Security and Defence Policy

The planned setting up of a European Operational Headquarters, the role of NATO, and Austria’s contribution to ESDP are substantial challenges.

Tatrapan AMB

The new armoured ambulance vehicle of the Slovak Army.

Iraq - a Rogue State?

The nuclear weapons programme, the history of Iraq, and a summary of the Saddam Hussein era are covered in the first of two parts of a report about the situation in Iraq, as seen through the eyes of a weapons inspector for biological weapons, who travelled the country extensively.

Facility Security taken Seriously

The Objektschutzbataillon of the German Air Force protects military installations at home and abroad, like e.g. operational air bases of international crisis reaction forces, from all sorts of threats.

Cadre Training for Infantry Battalion 23

Until very recently, the handling of mines and the action to be taken after a mine accident have not been stressed enough. Infantry Battalion 23 is trying a new approach.

Integrating Tactical UAVs into Armor and Cavalry Operations

Unmanned aerial vehicles are frequently featured as key weapons. They are providing critical intelligence and targeting information to joint forces.

Death by Drowning

In drowning accidents, correct and swift first aid is vital.

Friendly Fire - Still a Problem

In the Iraq war, both the US and the British forces suffered losses caused by friendly fire incidents.

From the Forces - Quo Vadis Artillery?

National defence is the basis, but the artillery is looking at international operability.

Electronic Eavesdropping: A Threat to Military Security

The miniaturisation of listening devices, and their cheap and easy availability, increase the danger of electronic eavesdropping in the forces.

Man is in the Centre - Psychology and Human Resource Management

The results of the aptitude tests for other ranks (EPrCh) help the author to link the psychological findings with the service records of an applicant.

Command and Control in Combat on the Lower Levels of Command

The lack of time, a permanent factor in combat, is very pronounced on both squad and platoon levels. The correct employment of battle techniques can save time for leaders to perform the required command and control procedures.


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