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English Summary

1938: Not Everyone Took the Oath of Allegiance.

The integration of the Armed Forces into the German Wehrmacht was advantageous to some former Austrian career soldiers, while for many others it resulted in disadvantages, going as far as having their existence endangered.

The Austrian Decoration of Honour for Meritoriously Liberating Austria

Honours Austrian nationals (also former ones), who gained merit in helping to liberate Austria from the national socialist dominion.

Ammunition Depot in Albania Exploded!

The task of UNDAC teams is to assess disasters and their consequences. Such a team, led by an Austrian officer, was in charge of the investigation after the explosion of an ammunition depot in Albania.

… From Brussels: The Force Protection Research Programme of the European Defence Agency

Further Training For Staff NCOs

Today’s and future staff NCOs are expected to be extremely competent. Obtaining and improving competence, however, requires solid education and training.

The Burgenland Military Band

This musical band’s repertoire ranges from musical hiking tours on Joseph Haydn’s trail to concerts on the occasion of graduation ceremonies.

"Kick-off for Peace" - Sports and Large Sport Events as Peace Initiatives

The meeting with this title, which was held in Klagenfurt, province of Carinthia, in October 2007 looked into the peace and confidence-building role of sports.

Eurofighter "Typhoon" (IV) - Materials, Aerodynamics, Flight Control

The "Typhoon" is a fourth-generation aircraft. With its sophisticated flight control system and the two powerful EJ 200 engines, this combat aircraft is capable of an impressive performance.

Heel Spur - When Walking and Standing Become a Torture

Usually heel spur is an extremely painful affliction that considerably limits the mobility of the affected person. If proper measures are taken in good time, the condition can be treated rather easily.

Focus: The "Alpine Brigade" - Ready for the Future

6th Infantry Brigade

The "Sixth" is the "Alpine brigade" of the Austrian Armed Forces. It is specialised in high mountain operations and in operating under extreme environmental conditions.

Pack Animals in Future Operations - The New Pack Animal Centre of the "Sixth"

Although technology replaced horses in combat, it did not manage to substitute them as transport means in mountains. The Pack Animal Centre of the 6th Infantry Brigade at Hochfilzen supports transport in this type of area - also in international operations.

Real-life exercises with "Keiler" and "Biber" - … Not to Be Substituted by Map Exercises

The training cooperation with the German Bundeswehr makes it possible that the training contents, which up to now could not be trained in real-life exercises, can be practised now with the help of the armoured bridgelayer "Biber" and the armoured mine clearing vehicle "Keiler".

The "Artillery Error Budget" Model (II)

This article provides an analysis of the error components that influence the accuracy and performance of the artillery system.

Military Policy: Common International Action vs National Interests?

The Battle at the Debacka Pass

Lightly equipped and highly mobile soldiers of the American special forces showed that, when they marched into Iraq in 2003, they could deal with superior mechanised Iraqi forces.

Psychology: Psychological Situation: What Is That?

Why Disaster Response Is So Important: Cyclone "Paula" and Its Consequences

"Paula" caused massive damages and paralysed relevant infrastructural sectors. Only the rapid deployment of the Armed Forces ensured that the population received the help it needed so urgently.

Air Target Firing "INNOVATION 2007"

In 2009, Austria’s air defence is to provide one battery for the "Forces Earmarked for International Operations". Considering the performance in the firing exercise in Poland, the Austrian air defence is right on track to meet the requirements.


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